Harley Davidson: From Shed Bikes To Brand


Harley Davidson

There are many people who like motorbikes. There are some who doesn’t have them but still want to ride a bike at least for some minutes. And let’s be honest: even those who say that they don’t like them deeply in soul have a strong desire to have one. If you want to be okay with your tasks just write us “take my online class for money” and be sure that everything will be done.

Today bikes can be seen everywhere: on the streets, in the suburbs, and even in some lonely places that are not full of people. There are different companies that produce good motorbikes as Yamaha and Suzuki. However, the most outstanding company is, without doubts, Harley Davidson. Even person who has no knowledge about bikes can say you that these are the best. So today, we will look at history of this company and its bikes. They are extremely great and as William Davidson told, “Bike is something than can take you and carry to every place you want” Bike is a symbol of freedom and independence. If you want to be smart and surprise you friends read our list of everyday life hacks. Now it’s time to look at this company’s story.

1. Beginning of Harley Davidson’s history

Maybe someone has heard that first Harley Davidson’s motorbike was made in shed. It is really so. But let’s look at this in details. Imagine England of 1900s. Most people were busy and their only thought was to find a job and to go to the factory in order to work. That was hard time. One of old men knew mathematics greatly as well as he was a very talented draftsman. His name was William Harley. He was 22 years old, common guy with a lot of problems: he had financial problems in family and had to feed his brother, who had mental problems. He was a typical kind of diligent guy who studies well. If you want to find a good university take a look at California State University online.

There was also another young man. His name was Arthur Davidson. He wasn’t as diligent as Harley, he didn’t even have a job. That’s why he had a lot of argues in his family. His father worked on the factory. He was proud of it and always claimed his son for being lazy. Finally, Arthur went to the factory. But not only for working there. The factory was an ability to make some details that guys needed. Exactly at that time, they saw first bicycle with motor and Harley made a first draw for their own one. If you like different histories, we recommend you to read about 3D video and its history of development: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/3d-videos-from-first-step-to-modern-times.

Unfortunately, Arthur Davidson was caught with the goods and he had to quit the factory. Everything could end on it, because the engine they made for the bicycle didn’t work good enough and they didn’t have details to fix it. At that time, Arthur remembered about his another brother: William Davidson, who worked at railway depot workshop. He sent a letter to his brother and asked for financial help. However, he didn’t know that Arthur was made to sell his house and land for a penny and himself went to homeland. So they met and showed William Davidson their invention.

That was the first time when brothers Davidson and William Harley gathered together. William Davidson gave all money he had and that was not a big sum, but he asked to become a partner. All in all it was accepted, so future of Harley Davidson began. William tried to fix model of bicycle with an engine and succeed. So that how it worked: William Davidson became a tester who rode bikes and checked them. Arthur became the leader who found possible ways to earn money on bikes. However, nothing could happen without William Harley who was extremely talented and created the first engine draw in the age of twenty – two. We recommend to know more about William Harley, this outstanding person who in fact, played huge role in Harley Davidson’s development.

So this was the first part of our story. Everything started from a bicycle with engine, but very fast it changed and bicycle began to transform into something more likely to moto. In fact, just the first attempt of William Harley and Arthur Davidson was connected with bicycle while other ones were directed mostly to the area of first motorbikes.

Stay with us and you will know how full-fledged company was created and how its bikes appeared officially at the motorcycle races.

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2. New era of Harley Davidson bikes

By 1904, new model of the bike was released and in the same year, Harley Davidson appeared at moto race at the first time. The next year engines and then bikes began to appear on the market, however they were very few.

In 1906 first official and bigger factory was built. There Harley Davidson Company made their first bikes. During the first year about fifty of them were made. The next year William Harley who was extremely good at engineering and who created all prototypes of motorbikes, graduated he university, so he received even more knowledge and could create even better bikes. If you want to buy a bike or something else, you should know about best black Friday shopping.

Factory began to expand and build more bikes – about 150 during the year. William Harley did his best and he created new kind of engine, which was almost twice more powerful than previous ones. It allowed bike to have speed about 97 kilometers and to be one of the most powerful motorbikes for that time. This new engine was shown at the exhibition dedicated to motorbikes and later selling grew up.

During the next years engine was modified and new building of factory was made: it was bigger now, so company could produce more bikes. Everything seemed to be good however hard times came soon. If you don’t want to have hard times, ask our service for help with your exam and you will get it.

3. Company during First World War

During the First World War, nobody was interested in bikes, because times were different. That’s why the only way for company to be alive was to create something other. And they did: new Harley Davidson for military. They received an order from the UK and later from the USA. It should be mentioned that they also provided course for soldiers and teach them to repair and handle bikes. Yu may read more about Motorcycles in World War 1.

Harley Davidsons’ bikes for military were good and many soldiers were thankful to company because bikes sometimes saved lives of soldiers. As a result, when war finished, Harley Davidson was very popular among soldiers and common people.

4. After War events

So situation was quite good and bikes of Harley Davidson company were popular even despite the main competitor of the company: Indian. In 1920, company became the largest motorcycles producer in the country. In 1921, one of new models of bikes won the race and the average speed of the bike at that time was about 160 kilometers per hour. Sometimes we can hear stereotypes about bikers. Read more about stereotypes in general because sometimes they have no ground: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/stereotypes-what-are-they.

Company was constantly growing up and created new models of bikes, which became main competitors of such companies as Indiana. Unfortunately, new event began which was called a Great Depression and of course, the result of it was that people bought bikes less and less.

Harley Davidson had to sell their license for Harley Davidson technology to Japanese company and as a result, new bikes began to be produced there. It gave Harley Davidson company chance not to become bankrupts.

5. The Second World War

During the Second World War company produced their bikes for front as during the First World War. New model was made and that was called WLA. That a special model for military actions. About ninety thousands of bikes of this model were made. If you want, some help with classes or exams or tests read about our class mentor and you will find a lot of useful things.

6. Next times

After the war and up to our time Harley Davidson is a company, which has a lot of supporters all over the world. New models developed and new records were made, such as in 1970, new speed was fixed and it was about 420 kilometers per hour.

To sum up we can say that Harley Davidson is a company that has long history and a lot of traditions. It’s company which shows high quality, which was tested by time. Their bikes are good looking but also very reliable and powerful. Many of models of 1980s became a classical models nowadays, however Harley produce good bikes nowadays too and they are not worth then their predecessors. Hope you understand now, what a great company Harley Davidson is and that their bikes are worth riding. So try it and you will probably like it.

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