Education In Small Town Vs Metropolis


Everybody wants to have a bright and light future. However, sometimes everything seems to be against you in this struggle. All people have different possibilities and gifts. If you don’t have gift in definite subjects, looking for a mentor may be the best solution. Another problem is that people live in different areas. Some of them live in big cities where there are a lot of universities and schools while others live in small towns, where there is only one school and probably teachers are not good enough. Or maybe it is just a stereotype? Today, it’s time to think about this and define if living in a small town is a sentence to good future.

Sometimes we can see that people from small towns or even villages enter great universities and achieve great results, but is it an often event? Maybe not. So, let’s try to find any pros of education in small town if there are any and some pros and cons of education in metropolis. You may also read about the worst countries to live in.

1. Professional quality of teaching stuff

Without doubts, the most important thing in school is professionalism of teachers. If teachers are not competent enough, students won’t achieve good results. Unfortunately, we may say that good and creative teachers can be met mostly in big cities but not in small towns. Moreover, teachers in small towns can have poorer knowledge of their subject because demands of small town are lower. There is also a though that not only some demands but some professions are underpaid or overpaid. Do you think that actors receive too much money? You can find different opinions here:

At the same time teachers in small towns, where the pressure of urban life is not as big as in metropolises, as usual more kind and respectful to students. However, it’s not a statistic but just feelings and observations.

So if to think about this point we can say the following:

- Good teachers can happen both in small town schools and in metropolis schools, but the latter have more talented and creative teachers. If you want to be a creative teacher, you should know unusual strategies in teaching mathematics.

- if to think logically good teacher won’t live in small town, because possibilities of metropolis are bigger, so it means good and high qualified teachers will always go big cities, if only conditions allow them to do it.

- as a result we can say, that, unfortunately, if to compare quality and professionalism of teachers, those in metropolis schools will always have bigger professional level that teachers in small town. However, some great teachers in history lived and worked in small towns or even in villages. Despite this, they created interesting methods of teaching and new forms of conducting lessons. You may find full list of their attainments here:

2. Variety of choice

To receive good education, you need to choose the best establishment. Here metropolis is an obvious leader, because amount of schools and universities there is always big unlike small town. It means that you can choose among many schools or universities in metropolis. If there are some problems appear with school, parents may easily take their child and send to another one. In town, where there may be just some schools, which are assigned to definite district, it may be hard or even impossible to change place of studying. Sometimes it may be a real problem for child to go to definite school. You may find an example of the problem of changing school.

However, let’s look at this situation from another point of view. Great variety of things always means that there are also bigger chances to choose something of bad quality. The university or school is not an exception. However, in small town where everybody knows everything about his town, it is hard to choose a wrong school, if there is a possibility to choose, of course. Unfortunately, in metropolis, where there are many schools, you can’t find information about all of them, or it may take you a lot of time to do so. However, we may offer you to read about State University of California, for example, and maybe you will be interested in this establishment.

So, of course metropolis gives you chances to choose, but you may not have a full vision of what you are choosing, while in small town you may have full information about the school.

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3. Narrow and rare professions

In small town where as usual only couple of universities may be found, students can’t choose what profession to study, because there are just some broad directions. It means if you want to study space engineered forget about it, because in small town such faculty are something exotic and rare. However, you can always take online classes. If you are looking for a teacher, you can read more about online class mentor – we always have good offers for you.

Metropolis unlike small town, can offer many universities some of which may be dedicated to studying of some narrow courses. It means that if you want to study something like this, you will have to enter the university in metropolis. Of course, it may be difficult to live far from your home and not everybody can stand it, but it’s the only choice. Anyway, you should know about this possibility and about some extraordinary degrees. Who knows, maybe you would like to study it?

4. Possibilities for future

As we can understand from the previous point, metropolis with its wide range of establishments gives good chances to enter the university. What about small town? First of all, higher education remains dream for many students of small towns, because quality of basic education is lower. It means that if person live and studies in metropolis, he will have more chances to enter a university then. If you have problems with exams, you have a solution now: all you should do is just ask us for help with your exams and enjoy free time instead of learning tons of material.

However, it is a general thought, because there are many different cases exist. For example schools in metropolis are different, and child may go to one of the common ones, where level of education will be the same or even lower than in school of small town. Moreover, it is a well-known fact, that teenagers from small towns or villages are more ambitious and it means they appreciate studying in the university or college greatly. They do their best to study well and to enter it. You may also get to know about university with the best education system in the world and enter it, because sometimes students are really sorry about their choice.

5. Possibility of receiving a good job

Another problem of small town education is its quality. Even if you study in the university somewhere in small town after you will graduate from it, there are few chances for you to find a really great job. Especially if you want to work somewhere in big city. However, at the same time, in metropolis concurrency is extremely high so it means you should study hard and after graduating from the university it may happen that there will be no vacancies for you.

Unfortunately, problem of job is not a problem of education but mostly problem of government policy. Nowadays there are many people who have grade but who can’t find job. However, metropolis can offer you more than small town and it’s an indisputable fact.

So to sum up, we can say that it is sad, but small towns really can’t offer you much in the field of education. However, you shouldn’t give up. Don’t leave attempts and study hard, even if you live in a small city. You will have a chance to enter good university. Remember: knowledge can solve every challenge, so work on it and you will open many roads to your future education.

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