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Easy Ways To Teach Young Children Mathematics


Ways to teach math to young children

We can find different subjects in school as well as we can see that different children like different ones. Some of them can’t live without nature - study while others like literature. Unfortunately, there are very few children who like math. Moreover, math is one of the hardest subjects among pupils. If you ask a question like where can I get help with my classes online you know the answer now. There is a logical question, which rises: why math is so hard for children? It seems like they are ready to study anything except it.

In general, there can be found two reasons. First one, is that child really doesn’t have predisposition to math, so he has another kind of thinking or in another words, he has inclination to other subjects like natural ones or maybe to languages. If you are of these people, find the best way to learn a language for you. That is totally okay because all children are different and everybody has own strong and weak sides.

However, there is a second reason, which is also very important and we shouldn’t forget about it. In most cases, unfortunately, what can we see at math classes? Children just count something, teacher checks something, and that is how the whole lesson passes. That means, teacher’s tactic is very important. Even if child doesn’t understand math well, but teacher did his best to make the lesson interesting, child will like it and will try to understand. If you want to understand more, read about stereotypes and you will know can stereotypes be positive or not.

Unfortunately, very often, we see another process, when even those children who are good at math, lose interest to it, because lessons are just dull and not interesting, teacher is too strict and doesn’t explain information well and finally, exercises are always of the same type. That’s why we decided to find some hints and life hacks to make math easier and more interesting for everybody. Follow our list and you may find something interesting for you, your child and even for your friends. If you want to be good in every company, just read list of simple life hacks and you will be indispensable in every company.

We will start with some general advices:

1. Basic is important

This statement is true no matter on what stage of learning math you are now. Basic notions and knowledge in algebra and geometry are always needed to be good at themes that are more complicated. All you should do is just repeat some basic rules and do exercises to remember them better. Of course, this not a way to do math more interesting, but it is a good way to understand it better. When you understand something, you will find it more interesting than when you don’t understand it at all. You may find some example of basic math skills everybody should have.

2. Don’t do only things that your teacher gave you

This is mostly for small children and their parents. Sometimes it so happens that your child is good at math but then new theme starts and he comes home his eyes round and says that he can’t understand anything. It is absolutely okay, because not everybody can acquire information quickly.

So, the good idea will be not only to do tasks that teacher gives, but go ahead and try to do next ones or even try to understand next topic. It will be a good practice, because when teacher starts it your child will already know something. Do you think women understand math worse than men do? Read about difference between men and women and their social status here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/the-global-gender-gap-report-important-facts.

3. Use different books

Of course, your textbook in math may be great and interesting. But one textbook will never contain the whole information. Moreover, exercises in different books may differ by logic and by difficulty level. So just buy some other books and combine them with your school one. As a result, you will think wider and will be more broad - minded.

4. Try to like math

If you have found a good textbook and studied, it regularly you will find out that math is not as difficult as it seems. So just enjoy it and don’t be afraid to come to the blackboard during math lessons. You can go even further and join math club in school if there is one. If you need help with math classes or any other subject, we can help you to pass test online without any problems.

This part was dedicated to general advices, however if you stay with us, we will share some examples of exercises and some hints how to make math lessons interesting and how to help your child like math and understand it.

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We looked some general advices that can prevent difficulties with math at any stage. Now it’s time to know how to turn math from dull numbers and signs into wonderland that every child would like to visit.

1. Pictures

In internet, we can find many different pictures. At first they are just dots, which child should join in definite order, so he will receive an image. Everybody likes these task even adults, because it is always interesting. For smaller children it can be just numbers in direct order. You can make it more difficulty and instead of number put small examples for the child to solve. As he will solve it, he will be able to join dots according to answers he has. If your child will become student soon, you should know more about California State University USA and maybe it is good variant for everybody.

2. Involve math into Games

Feel free to use different games or you can even create your own one. The main goal is that child will be interested in it and he won’t even understand that math is somehow present in this story. You can do it very often because young children like to play games and so you can help your child to learn math while he won’t even understand it.

3. Make math part of everyday activity

You know what things your child likes to do. So try to use them in order to teach him math. For example, if he likes cooking you can ask him to count amount of different components or so one. Child will be happy to help and in such way, he will learn math even without noticing that. If you want to know more about our service just go to our site and read about class mentor – service that helps students with their tasks and even exams.

4. Use unusual examples

Let’s be honest: example like 5 + 10 looks annoying and after making some of them child won’t do them because he will be bored. However, you can make things more interesting. For example, so the answer of the first example will be first number for next one and finally after five or six examples child should receive an answer, which corresponds the first number of first example. It’s interesting and not as usual as common examples. Feel free to read about math literacy and why it is important.

5. Create a fairy tales

Usual mathematical problem will not be interesting for most children. However, if you make a fairy tale from it, your child will definitely like to solve it. For example: “there was a rabbit called Sammy and he had a friend named Nicky. He promised to give Nicky a carrot. Sammy had ten carrots in his garden bed. He promised that Nicky would receive four. How much carrots Sammy would have after he would give Nicky some?” It is a bit complicated so it can also improve logic not only counting skills of child.

You can always find some mathematical fairy tales in the Internet or just create them by yourself. If you like world of phantasy and miracles you should read about Steven King – who is one of the best writers in this area: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/stephen-king-king-of-horror-and-mystery.

6. Every child should be rewarded

Finally remember, that nothing motivates child better than good words when he solved that or another mathematical task. You can even give him sweets. Or you can make fun and create something like a plan. Each stage of plane is a mathematical task or puzzle. By solving it child will get hint and finally, will get to his reward. It is extremely interesting for child as well as for parents so everybody will be happy.

7. Use color math tasks

Color math looks like a drawing divided into areas. Each area contains example, which child should solve. After it he should consult what color corresponds to what number and paint it. As a result he will receive drawing in colors.

To sum we can say that there are many different ways to make math interesting for children and you should just use imagination a little. Of course, nothing can prevent your child from unqualified teacher who will make math just dull class, which nobody will want to attend. However, you can at least try to fix it and do you best. Because math can be interesting and useful and maybe your child will be future Pythagoras or Isaac Newton.

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