Spying On Students: How To Safe Student Privacy


Every person has right to live his or her own life and have some information which anybody will get access to. This can be regarded as privacy. Earlier there were a lot of people who shared gossips, but in twenty first century things became easier. Computers, which everybody uses every day, can become a great way of spying. It’s easy for hackers and people who know the mechanisms of such work well, to find a lot of personal information about somebody, without his or her desire. Although technologies have many great possibilities, for example, you has courses you can take online, they also can be harmful.

In schools, spying can be of different forms. First and the most shared – spying in real life as we used to understand it. For example using hidden cameras and similar equipment, administration of the school can spy on students for different purposes. There is also another way of spying, which is becoming more and more popular: cyber spying. With all equipment that students use at school and school may issue to student, it becomes easy to collect different information and etc. Of course, you can learn computer programming by yourself to avoid spying, but this question is much more wider. That’s why it’s important to study this question lengthwise.

How can spying be explained?

If school uses different methods of spying students, let’s try to take its position and understand why spying is used at all, both in cyber field and in common understanding.

1. To avoid spoiling things

It happens sometimes, that irresponsible students with bad upbringing can spoil some things that school offers them. For example cabinet for clothes, desks and chairs and etc. That’s why, as school administration say, they use cameras in some halls and classes. Feel free to read about other things that students shouldn’t do in school, but which are still often: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/20-things-students-should-stop-doing-in-school.

This can be really justified, especially in computer classes, for example, where something may be easily stolen or spoiled. However, it’s still a very contradictory way of controlling the situation. Of course, in case of cyber spying it may avert theft of laptop or other equipment or its spoiling, but it’s still not an ideal method to avoid it. If you want to know how to be a good teacher, than you should know about innovative teaching methods.

2. To control school atmosphere

Sometimes spying is used to control what is happening in school at all, for example if any students abuse some others. Sometimes even worse things may happen in school like drag trafficking and so one. From this point of view, spying on students may be justified and seem to give a profit. However, it’s still a violation of the right for private life and privacy. Every parent should know his child’s rights in school. So, feel free to read about rights of children in school.

So as we can see, spying in general can be useful in some cases but let’s look at cyber spying now.

Cyber spying in schools

The main problem of cyber spying in schools is that it is very easy to organize it. Many students have school-issued laptops while other work with school computers every day. It means that many of applications that students use can collect their data and other kind of information. The most interesting fact, is that students can’t really choose what application to choose: they are required to use definite one. If you are made to work with Microsoft Office, here are some useful tips: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/top-10-microsoft-word-useful-hacks-for-everyone.

The widest example is Chromebook. They are issued in schools in great quantity, however it was proved that they collect to much information about users. In fact, we can point at any Google application for studying and say that it gathers different personal information and data. If you want to get help with tests online secretly, you can ask online class mentor to do them.

As we can see, different educational applications and technologies which schools use, can harm privacy, but unfortunately schools are not really interested in avoiding it. Maybe because it’s convenient for them in some way? Anyway, it proves that such thing as cyber education should be taught in every school and main effort should be directed on the privacy and safety of using different apps and devices.

In the next part of our article, we will try to find general problems and causes of spying and possible ways of solution this situation.

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As we have looked at main reasons for spying at school and ways of realizing this spying, let’s look at concrete points of the problem now, and possible solution of them.

1. Problems with clarity

Many devices are given to students by schools without any explanations connected with privacy security. Parents can’t help children because they as usual don’t even know what applications they use. It means that school may install any spying apps on the device and then give it to the student. In most cases, it’s hard to understand rules and privacy program so students are very vulnerable. To save privacy using device is not enough and you should also know how to save privacy using the Internet.

The way out is to demand schools provide clearer information about apps on the device and device itself. Or possibility of checking the device by independent organization in order to make a conclusion whether it is safe for student’s privacy or not.

2. Problems with data security

Many apps students use in school and outdoors have serious problems with data encoding and therefore, security. Add to this the fact that all students adore to exchange different information of wide range, which is sometimes, not for everybody and you will receive typical endangered person, whose privacy depends just on his luck. If you don’t want to rely on your luck only and have problems with subjects in school, read about online mentor and hurry for getting help. We are always opened for students.

The way to solve this is to height student’s awareness of cyber security and getting the understanding that some information, which is very personal, should not be sent with the use of devices given in school, especially if they weren’t checked for safety in the way of spying.

3. Problem with choice

Another problem is that, if fact, not a lot of companies can offer devices and apps for studying and it means that parents and their children have no choice. They just have to buy or rent a device that school demands and there are not many variants to choose among. If you are a parent tips on bringing up a child should be known by you and their choice may be also hard, but you should, at least know them.

How it can be solved? Some companies should be encouraged by the government in order to create other apps or devices, which will have fewer problems with spying and violation of privacy policy rights.

Talking in general, problem of spying and privacy of students is quite serious. The main thing they luck is knowledge, so the main task of government should be in giving them this knowledge. Fortunately, we can say that there are some companies who are not indifferent to these problems and try to help students by making different research job and by creating different apps. To sum up we can say that role of government is important in solving this problem as well as existence of independent companies interested in this problem will also be a huge plus.

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