Sons Of Anarchy: The Best Series About Bikers


Probably, everybody faced a problem connected with series or movies, when you want to find a good one about definite group of people or on narrow topic like series about bikers. If you want to know more about different groups of people and their customs, you can just find appropriate classes to take online. Although bikers appear in many movies, it’s mainly secondary roles or just some scenes. Probably the most abusive thing is that they always shown as narcotic dealers or transporters and producers as well as screenwriters don’t even want to show some details and features.

“Sons of Anarchy” stands out among all movies and series about bikers and there are several reasons for it. Let’s look each of them:

1. Few series on this topic

Unfortunately, there are not many series on this topic and all they are just pale shadow after “Sons of Anarchy”. Of course, we can name such series as “The last chapter”, but this one received quite bad reviews and doesn’t reflect everything. There is another one called “Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms”, which seems to be almost as good as “Sons of Anarchy” or simply “SOA”. However, it depicts quite another side of bikers’ life and it’s violence. It should be said that life of bikers doesn’t consist only of this.

2. Details and verified information

Another thing that highlights this series is great details in everything. The secret of success is mainly in true description of bikers’ life in details: about their bikes, their style of living, relations inside of the club and even their clothes.

The secret was that one of actors in the series is a member of bike club, so he could help producers and screenwriters with plot and details and exactly because of him, everything in series is true to life and without mistakes and fails. If you want to read about other clubs for example in football, you can know something about the best soccer team in the world.

Despite these reasons, we can name as well good actors’ and producers’ work and of course topic itself is quite great and intriguing. After this series, everybody will reconsider his attitude towards bikers and some things you knew about them will appear just a big list of total stereotypes.

Now, when you are probably convinced that series should we watched, let’s know some information about it, about actors and other important things.

Brief information about series

As you might understand, the series is about bikers and its genre is criminal drama. It was made in the USA by FX channel. So we can see that tendency of making series and movies by such giants as Netflix and HBO can lead to inspiration of some smaller companies and TV channels. If you want to know more about Netflix, you are welcome:

“SOA” was the most popular and successful series made by the channel and had a great interest among people. Reviews were mostly good and critics singled out good acting of Katey Sagal. We will single out her role in the series later while will talk about a plot. Another well-known actor in the series is Ron Perlman – guy who played main roles in such movies as “Blade 2” and “Hellboy”. Another actor less who is less famous but was adored by all viewers was Charley Hunnam. If you want to know, more about our service feel free to read about class mentor and get help.

Talking about structure, series has seven seasons each one has 13 series. Each part is about forty minutes long. Although first season received mixed reviews and probably won’t be extremely breathtaking, be careful, because this is a kind of series which absorbs you gradually, till you realize that can’t live without it and its world. If you appreciate your own world, music can help with this: just read about how to choose good headphones and enjoy world of music.

Hope you are really interested in watching this series after the information about. You should do it at least to break stereotypes about bikers and their simple criminal life and see that everything is more complicated. Stay with us and you will know more about “SOA” including short plot and interesting facts.

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Hope you are still with us so we continue. You know now about series and some things that make it unlike other ones. Now it’s time to talk about plot and about what this series depicts at all, where actions are happening and etc.

Information about plot and background

We won’t tell details of course as well as we won’t tell the end of the series, because it’s better to watch it. However, some facts are worth-saying and maybe they will also make you interested in this series.

Almost the whole actions are happening in small fictional city called Charming. Moto Club “Sons of Anarchy” as a fact the main power of the city, even more influential than police. Moreover, they even have something like a deal with police: they won’t allow narcotics to appear on the streets of the city and police will allow them do their affairs. So, as a fact, Charming is quite strange city and quite dangerous one. It’s like a Bermuda Triangle in some way and you should know about it:

Everything starts from scene where Jax Teller (Charley Hunnam) enters the shop and suddenly sees an explosion. Those were the rifles, which moto club traded. That is how we get to know from the first parts, that “SOA” is a club, which seems to be like thousands of others: trade by arms, earning money in different dirty ways. However, everything is more complicated. Jack Tayler is member of the club and representative of younger generation of it, while his stepfather Clay Morrow (played by Ron Perlman) belongs to the elder generation and was present at the club foundation.

Things become more complicated when Jack finds his fathers’ diary where a lot of thought were written down. While reading it day by day, Jax understands that the path Clay has chosen as the president of club is not right and must be changed. If at the first time the only alternative is narcotics, which is another stereotype connected with bikers, later Jax find another way, which is legal and safe.

Of course moto club has some competes and enemies and they fight very often, which makes everything even more complicated, but the main idea is to show life of moto club inside its office and through their actions. You can find some interesting bikers’ traditions and rules. It should be mentioned that all of them were transmitted into the series and reflected with great accuracy.

The main conflicts in series are:

1. Conflict between Clay Morrow and Jacks as representatives of different generations.

2. How to avoid violence and change the path into a right one?

3. How to choose the least evil and make moto club live happy and long life.

4. Can children grow happy and have a good life if they are children of member of moto club? This question is shown during the whole series because Jax had children and in some moments, they and his wife influenced greatly his actions.

4. The last question which was especially important for Jax and it was the question of violence and if the violence can finally lead to a peace. As a fact, Jax Tayler was one of the positive characters or at least his way was better than his step fathers’ one, however exactly Jax was the most violent person and killed the biggest amount of people during the series.

It’s impossible to reflect atmosphere and emotion of the series, because it should be watched. The only advice that can be given is don’t expect too much from first season and give this series a chance. Gradually, you won’t want to stop watching it. Finally, when you will finish watching the series you will probably have a desire to find something similar. However, you will probably fail, because “SOA” is series, which depicts life of bikers in such details and with such effort, that can’t be found in any other series. If you have effort to make tests at school but have lack of knowledge, ask online mentor for help with test.

Know you know almost everything about the series and the only thing you can do is go and watch it. Nevertheless, before, we have some interesting facts about it, which, we hope, will only enhance your interest to “SOA”.

Some interesting facts about series

1. Steven King and series

King of horrors and great writer, supporter this series and moreover, there was even a character called Bahman. This is one of the Steven King’s pseudonyms. However, he played just an episodic role so you should know this fact in order not to miss this episode. You can read more about Stephen King and his writing.

2. Spin off for the series

After finishing the series, every viewer was disappointed to leave its great world. Fortunately, there is news or maybe just a gossip that there will be a spin off about some moto clubs with which “Sons of Anarchy” had deals. All we can do for now is hope that it will be interesting.

3. Marilyn Manson

The series seems to be full of celebrities. In one of episodes, we can even see Marilyn Manson. However, admit that recognize him without makeup is not an easy task.

4. Ron Perlman had difficulties with the bike

Creator of the series, Kurt Sutter and other actors liked their bikes and had no problems in riding them. However, Ron Perlman fell very often and hated his motorbike. Maybe because of this he can’t be seen on it very often.

5. Kurt Sutter and Katey Sagal

Creator of the series and actress are a couple. In some ways that was the reason for Katey to take the role and she was agreed. However, her acting persuaded everybody that it wasn’t a mistake.

6. Kurt Sutter as an actor

The creator didn’t stop on creation of this great series, but he also played one of the roles. By the way, the character he played had quite hard path and it’s an interesting question why Kurt choose this character accounting his huge possibilities.

7. Charley Hunnam

As a fact, Charley owes much to the series, because it was start of his great career. However, he was found accidentally in a shop. Then producer asked him if he wants to play and that is how he appeared in the series. Who knows what it might look like without Charley and his character Jax Taylor?

As you can see, the series if extremely interesting and exciting. It’s not a simple series about violent bikers who just sale drugs and kill everybody. It has a lot of serious conflicts and complicated questions. Add to it a lot of details and attention to trifles and you will get the best series about bikers that exists today. It is worth-watching and the only problem you will have after finishing, is that you won’t be able to find anything at least as good as this series.

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