IPhone Vs Smartphone: Extra Money For Brand?


Sometimes people like to cheat, but sometimes they are cheated. Moreover, there are situations, when people themselves like to be cheated and agree for this. If you want to have college classes online to be smart and never be cheated, you are welcome. The first statement in this essay is very wide but can be narrowed. Let’s talk about brand. Definite company comes to the market and at first price for its productions is not very high. However, gradually people buy more and more and finally we say that this company is a brand. Some people see positive things in this, because for them brand means high quality and reliability. For other brand is just a way to cheat people and make them spend more money, it’s like a horror and it seems that you shouldn’t even read novels by Stephen King to feel it.

Of course, it’s choice of every person and of course brand doesn’t always mean that you will be cheated and will pay more. However, brand doesn’t mean constant high quality as well. Talking about iPhones, we can say that they have some advantages of course, however there are also a lot of other phones which worth attention. There is a strange situation that people who live in the USA get iPhones almost for free while people from other countries spend huge amount of money to buy it. However, it’s another problem. Today we will look at facts, tests and reviews and will try to be as much objective as possible. However, it’s quite difficult because there are many stereotypes about both IPhones and Android based phones. Maybe they are even more than prejudice and stereotypes about people.

Differences between two phones

There are many differences between iPhones and Android-based phones beginning with system and ending with camera and applications. So let’s do our analysis gradually, step by step, part by part. You will find pros and cons immediately after the differences. We ask all ardent fans of iPhone or Android to sit down, keep calm and just analyze. If you want to read another article connected with headphones and their choice you can do it: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/music-in-your-ears-how-to-choose-good-headphones.

1. System

This is the first difference: smartphones mainly use Android so we often call them Android phones, while iPhones use their own system called IOS. There are some advantages and disadvantages in both of them.

Although Android makes different updates, more often it still has some problems and bags. At the same time iPhone make updates of the system not so often, however it is more stable and works faster. If you want to work fast and receive good results, ask our service to help you with test.

It seems like iPhone is leader in this point, however it’s IOS is too strict. Android allows you to change interface and gives more freedom in general and you can make your phone more personal, while iPhone can’t allow you to do this. Of course, maybe it is good enough even without possibility for users to change something, but it’s still an open question.

2. System updates

Although updates on IOS are probably not as often as on Android, there are some pros. First of all, new Android system can be mostly see on new phones, while owners of old smartphones still have old version of system. So it means if you have old phone, your Android will be old too. With iPhones, situation is different: they regularly make updates and even owners of earlier models can update their system.

3. Battery

It seems like battery can’t be a problem in modern world. Well, as a fact it is for iPhone. Of course, many people can say that IOS on iPhone uses less sources of battery so iPhone can work longer. But let’s just look at facts. Average smartphone on Android has 3,000 mAh while even seventh iPhone has only 2,000 mAh and works for 14 hours in speaking mode. So it can be as powerful as Pentagon, but is there any sense in it if your battery will be discharged in a short time?

The saddest thing is that in some iPhones battery can’t be even put out. So if it will be broken you should just buy a new phone. It’s like computer without antivirus. You can know about hacking problem resolution and how to prevent hacks.

Of course, for some people it may be not the main characteristic and we will look at some others. Just to let you calm down and just for Android based phones and iPhones fans not to fight, make a short break.

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Hope you still with us and we will continue to discuss our tow enemies and competes: iPhone and phone on Android. Let’s look at other components and features.

4. Quality of materials and components

Let’s look at this question. IPhone details are made in the USA and the phone itself is put together in the USA and only by Apple Company. Situation with smartphones is quite sad: there are many places where they are gathered and quality of their details and components is not always good. So by this point iPhone is a leader. Let’s just look at the example with screen: iPhone’s one is stronger. However, we don’t recommend you to check it. You should better read about people who are extremely strong and anti-shock and game they play: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/american-football-game-of-the-real-men.

So, although new version of iPhone is released not as often as Android phones, they make system, interface and every detail good and reliable. They work on it as long as needed. That’s why iPhone is more reliable.

5. Camera

This component is extremely important in modern life. There are many doubts about camera on iPhone and an Android phones. If questions above have definite answers, this one doesn’t. Of course, if to look at amount of megapixels, most Android phones will win, however according to point number three, quality of camera in iPhone is better. We advise to read why iPhone’s camera is better. To sum up we can say that iPhone has some advantages in this point too.

6. Applications

Here we have both advantages and disadvantages for Android and iPhone. First of all is should be said that they have different storages for applications. It is Play Market for Android and iTunes for Apple. You can read Play Market vs iTunes comparison, but to say briefly there are next problems. Play Market has many applications and a lot of free ones, however their quality is not always good. ITunes have not as much applications but their quality is better. Finally there are some application for iPhone analogues for which are not exist in Android.

7. Ability to sell gadget

Sometimes we may have a wish to change phone for another one. It is easier to do this if you have an iPhone and statistics shows that it’s easier to sell it than Android phone. It’s mainly because there are only some versions of iPhones while variety of Android phones is huge and every day something new appears. So in other words, iPhones become outdated slower and lose their price slower. If you like this article and want to get another one, read about online mentor and offer any kind of educational help.

8. Screen

As we said earlier, iPhones have better screen, which is more resistant to injuries. However talking about size of screen, we can say that there are a lot of Android phones, which have bigger screen. Of course, it’s mainly a question of habits, however for some people screen size is important. So we can say that although fall resistance is advantage of iPhone, quality of image is Android phones’ distinctive feature. Of course, we are not talking about all phones, but mostly about such as Samsung or Sony. It’s out of question that such phones as cheap Fly won’t have good screen. Want to read about something better than common screen and monitors? Look at top VR trends and the new world they create.

9. Security

Many people claim that Android security system is not as good as IOS. It is connected mostly with rules of two systems. Apple is very strict and demanding to applications but exactly because of this, security level is better. Of course, there are many antiviruses for Android, however it doesn’t mean that they all are good.

To sum up we can say that the struggle will never end. We still can’t say exactly whether iPhone is a kind of brand that makes people spend extra money. There are many pros of it and we have looked at them in our article. We can say only one thing: if you want flexible system and want to change it somehow you should buy Android. You should do it also, if you have small budget. However, if you want good interface that will be already a part of phone and feel okay with the fact that you won’t be able to change it much, you should buy an iPhone. However, this question will be never answered unequivocally.

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