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Studying is a true job for the students. It is often hard and exhausting. We perfectly realize this and that is why we offer you to delegate us your assignments to get them done competently and quickly. Many people think that it is easy to learn and it does not take as much energy as physical work. However, is it actually so? Let’s see.

Mental and physical labor

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What is more difficult: to work with hands or head?

There is an opinion that mental labor is easier and more prestigious than physical. We believe that many people have heard something like: “If you do not study well, you will have to work hard for the rest of your life” or “Your health allows working only in the office, without lifting anything heavier but pen”. For some people, these are the strong arguments to grab the books and eventually get the guarantee of a well-paid and easy job, i.e. a diploma. Others, on the contrary, believe that the strong hands will always have a job, and books with learning are for the nerds and weak ones. The experts of our site have studied this issue and want to help you figure out what fits you better. By the way, if you are interested in what a nerd is, our specialists have already studied this issue as well.

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What is the difference between mental and physical labor?

Mental labor is mental activity that consists of the observation and generalization of information, which should be changed in some particular way. For instance, we have a task, and in order to fulfill it correctly, it is necessary to analyze the conditions, build the algorithm of solving, having collected and synthesized the necessary knowledge. The basis of physical labor is human muscular effort aimed at the transformation of the world around. Speaking about the changing of the world, we believe that this post may interest you:

In fact, even the strictest differentiation is pretty conditional. Frankly speaking, these are two sides of a coin. In primitive times, such a differentiation did not exist at all: in order to catch a mammoth, it was necessary to think carefully, to make up an action plan, organize a trap and, naturally, to do one’s best.

Over time, society was divided into poor and rich, and hard physical labor became the work of the first ones and mental labor became the privilege of the second ones. Such a situation lasted for many centuries.

In the 21st century, the role of mental labor has increased greatly and continues increasing due to the constant growth of information. The development of technology allowed people to facilitate their work greatly. However, it does not mean that mental labor is completely deprived of physical loads and vice versa. It is rather about the predominance of one type of activity over another. At the end of the 19th century, the physiologist Mosso discovered that a professor, having conducted a lecture, loses 20% of the muscle strength, i.e. gets tired physically. After a three-hour exam, muscle strength of a student is reduced by 4 times.

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Mental labor disadvantages

During mental work, our brain is not only a regulating (as well as during physical work) but also the main functioning organ, consequently, mental loads influence the state of the central nervous system and health, in general.

Mental labor always causes neuro-emotional stress. If the working process is organized wrong, it may lead to the exhaustion and neurosis. Sedentary lifestyle, which is characteristic of this type of activity, can also play a bad joke: weight gain, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, etc. It is obligatory to take breaks to work out a bit. There is not only a sound mind but also a sound brain in a sound body. So if a person has health problems, mental labor will not fix the situation. It is worth mentioning that you can get a school mental health support anytime, if required.

Physical labor benefit

Physical activity improves the brain functioning and the body state, in general. It is much more pleasant to solve any task when feeling cheerful and full of energy rather than being extremely tired with a headache. It is hard to disagree. Physical labor is as useful for our body as sport. Moderate loads strengthen the body but it is necessary to be careful because any strength has its limit and it is better not to test it.

Work can be related to the implementation of the monotonous operations, which are performed automatically, over time. In this case, a person faces the following problem: he (or she) does not know what to think about. The answer is simple: it is necessary to fill the head with useful information and interesting puzzles. In free time, you can read books, solve crosswords or the Rubik's Cube. In general, do whatever you want. Otherwise, you will get bored with your work soon.

In both cases, it is required to organize the daily schedule, loads, and nutrition correctly. Performing mental work, it is necessary to eat fatty fish (trout, salmon, sardine), cereal (oatmeal and rice), tomatoes, and all kinds of cabbage, walnuts, eggs. The moderate amount of sweet is also useful. If you have more physical loads, eat bakery products, potatoes, pasta, meat, eggs, fish. Here we have various options of school lunches: Alternate mental and physical work and it will bring not only benefit but pleasure as well.

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Poor health or breaking the stereotypes about mental labor

If you are a parent and your child is not very athletic and constantly catches a cold, you are probably asking yourself what your child will be. You think that a perfect solution is an office position: it is warm and safe there. Is it true? We have already discussed the advantages and disadvantages of mental and physical labor, but now let’s figure out the features of this issue.

Learn the Achilles heel of a child

There are the years of studying and work between a school desk and a good office position. What health problems does a child have? What does he (she) want to be? Correlate his (her) abilities with the demands of a profession. Consult with a doctor what to do, in such a case. You should not hide from a dangerous situation but know how to handle it. For a student, it is important to be physically prepared, as well as to have good academic knowledge. You can pay for the services of a good tutor or purchase gym or pool membership.

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Learning takes much energy

Studying at college is much more difficult than at school. Classes last twice longer than lessons, the amount of information to learn is bigger and it is more complex. Is it easy to cope with such a load? Overwork and weak immunity can seriously spoil the studying process. The efforts to learn everything you have missed when being ill are the torture for your body. The gap in knowledge and undone assignments lead to the troubles during the exam periods. You should know that our online classes for education help prevent mental fatigue so it is strongly recommended to use them.

Some teachers can have individual lessons with a student who has missed many lessons due to the illness reason. The professors at college assess the result, i.e. the learned skills and knowledge, and if something has interfered with learning, this is the problem of a student. They just do not have time to conduct individual classes. A hospital certificate is just a proof that a student has been really ill, but it is not an extenuating circumstance for the lack of knowledge. Does it sound harsh? Probably, but there is not such an employer who needs a worker who will take sick leaves all the time. A college is a preliminary stage for the adult life, and it cannot be neglected. So what to do?

Body needs schedule

Daily schedule, healthy nutrition, and compliance with doctor's recommendations are three elements of strong health. Having distributed time competently, a child will get enough energy to study, rest, care for oneself, etc. The parents do a great share of house chores at home, but going to another city, a student has to do everything on his (her) own. That is why it is necessary to learn to do it all now not to have the problems in the future. The problems are usually related to irregular meals, fast food, skipping medicines taking, etc. It is necessary to realize this fact before college entrance. Otherwise, the studying can turn into the constant problems fighting.

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Now you know that constant studying cannot benefit you but, on the contrary, may harm. That is why it is necessary to add the breaks for physical exercises to your schedule. However, the schedule of a regular student is pretty tight. Assignment doing takes a lot of time. Luckily, we can take your classes and you will have time to work out a bit. is one of the best custom writing websites. It means that your papers are in safe hands. We provide professional academic writing services for sale at the lowest prices. This is your chance to have both high academic performance and good health at the same time.