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While you are thinking about which one of our service to use, we are ready to present you another post we have prepared for you. This time we are going to discuss the situation when parents try to impose their opinion on a child and how to act in this case.

What to do when parent force to choose the profession they want?

Have you already defined the profession you want but your parents do not listen to you? They probably imagine your future in some other field and “know better which profession to choose”. Do not get despaired. We will help you cope with the hardships.

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Why do parent impose their opinion?

Let’s look at the position of every party. What is the most important for your parents? The answer is to secure your bright financially stable future. First, they give everything necessary (food, clothes, toys). So when the moment for the next responsible step comes (i.e. to choose the specialty and place to study), the parents are driven by the desire to help you become independent, protect from the errors and disappointments. Of course, sometimes it happens that the parents try to realize their unfulfilled dreams or keep a professional dynasty. That is why try to find out why they impose a profession on you.

What is your reaction?

If hearing parents’ advice on where and what to study the only argument you have is “I do not want / I do not like it”, for your parents, you will look like a big child in a toy store. Treating your protest as the manifestation of infantilism or outrageousness, they continue insisting. Do you remember that when you were a child you did not want to wear a warm hat, then, you caught a cold, though mom and dad warned you? Now the situation is the same, but there is a profession instead of a hat.

The way out is to discuss the problem calmly

Be the first one who takes a step forward. Try to have a sincere conversation with the parents but get ready for it in advance. In the beginning, thank your close ones for the care and love, and emphasize the importance of their support for you. This will make the conversation positive at once. After that, ask them to express their opinion. Mind: you are talking to adults, they want the facts and clear plan for the future. Do not rush to defend your point of view, do not lose your temper. Evaluate and think about what you have heard. Listen to yourself, make a choice based on your abilities, strengths, and talent.

If the issue is still not solved, offer your parents a compromise: to go together for a consultation to a psychologist-vocational counselor. An experienced specialist will try to resolve your conflict, taking into consideration your interests and abilities, first of all. The opinion and experience of an expert will influence the decision of your parents.

If an adolescent chooses such an activity that tires him (or her), he (she) will be enslaved 5 days a week. It should not be like this. Any activity should fill with energy, bring pleasure. We spend an enormous number of hours on work. It is very sad if a person spends this time doing something he (she) does not like. By the way, if you are interested in how to save your energy, cooperation with our site is one of the reliable ways: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/we-take-your-class-to-save-your-energy.

Maybe not to enter college at all?

There is such a notion as “gap year”. This is a break between the graduation from school and college entrance. The graduates who have not decided on their future profession use this option to spend the year on self-search. There are many countries that do not treat such an approach well. However, sometimes it is really better to dedicate more time to the profession selection rather than enter college and get disappointed. If nothing attracts you, postpone the entrance. Treat this break as the chance to explore the world and find something you want to do.

Spend this time with the maximum benefit: get a job or attend foreign language learning courses. The practice will help you learn some profession from the inside, and the courses will help get prepared for the entrance.

If parents still keep on insisting, ignoring your interests, do not be afraid to take responsibility for your future. Sometimes it is the necessity to be against the parents’ opinion. Believe in yourself. The things happen not always as you expect. Being able to overcome difficulties is your preparation for an adult life. You will get experience, new knowledge, and will get acquainted with new people. A famous producer once said: “My parents told me: “Look at you and the surroundings, in which you grew up. You can never be a producer.” At that moment I realized that I would need to do a lot of things against the parents’ mind”.

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Entered and get disappointed: what to do?

You have already studied for a while, haven’t you? You have passed your first exams, and now we can ask what impressions you have. If an obsession “this is not what I have been dreaming about” is chasing you, welcome to the club of the first-year students disappointed in studies. Luckily, we are going to tell what to do in this case.

Do not act rashly

Disappointment is a strong feeling that makes people act hastily. It is easy to quit the studies but it is not good. Do not let your emotions lead you, turn on the logic, and analyze the situation.

Understand yourself

It may happen that a bright image of fascinating studying does not match the real situation. Think about from where you have got the ideal image. Not the college or its staff cheated you but you did it. Is there any guarantee that, in the future, your plans will become more realistic?

Accept the established order

Studying days are the routine. The meetings, conferences, internships, creative life, and so on bring the unforgettable emotions. As a rule, the first years of studying you learn more general subjects to expand your horizons. The specialization begins later, when your brain is ready for it. Such an approach is used in many colleges and universities.

Benefit from hardships

The main bonus of studying at the college is getting the skills of communication, ability to analyze, act in an extreme situation, speak in public, conduct presentations, etc. Not everyone is able to perform high-quality work in short time. You can train to do it already now. Speaking about high quality, we can help you learn to create only the perfect essays : https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/7-tips-of-perfect-writing-on-online-courses-site.

If a teacher is very demanding, you need to try to find an approach to him (her). Having learned to work with difficult people successfully, you will make your life much easier. Besides, you will learn to get on well with your future employer and colleagues.

If the boring classes tire you, focus on the results of every attended class. If you learned something new, reviewed something you knew, improved your skills, then, time was not wasted. Only when there is no benefit at all, you may conclude that this is not your path.

You never know what you can do till you try

Change your attitude to the things and everything will be alright. There is always something you can learn from people around you. The most important is the desire. Do not imagine that everything is much better at another college. It is never late to quit, but first answer honestly: “What for?”.

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