The Best Ways To Instill The Child Love Of Reading


How often do you read books? How many days or weeks have passed since the last time you have opened a book? These problems may upset somebody while some people will just find justification. If you want to find where to take college courses online, you have just done it.

Of course, in modern world, where technologies are everywhere less and less time is left for reading. Some people don’t read at all, while some just changed traditional book into an eBook. In such conditions, it seems to be very hard to show child all beauty of books’ world rather than that of computer games and movies. However, today we will try to find different ways and pros your child will get if read books instead of playing games and watching movies. However, there is a list of sympathetic movies to watch and you won’t be upset of doing it.

Is it necessary for child to have love to reading?

First of all, let’s try to figure it out, why child would have passions to reading at all and why child should read books. Although there are quite many arguments, the most important are mentioned here:

1. The strong base for imagination development

First and important reason of instill the child love of reading is that books can be powerful agents, which develop imagination. No matter if it is a phantasy book or adventure novels, all pieces of literature will develop imagination of the child. Or to say more precisely, books will help child’s imagination to develop, because all children already have great imagination. Sometimes nature creates things, which goes beyond everybody’s imagination. Feel free to know the most outstanding natural wonders in the world.

It’s your choice what to do with it: develop it and make child creative and maybe even genius or allow him to play computer games and watch films, which don’t need usage of imagination, so it will become less and less developed and used. Make a right choice. Such authors as Jack London can’t leave anybody indifferent. You can get more information about him:

2. Abilities to write and speak

If child reads more books, he will subconsciously speak in a right way using words or phrases from these books. Moreover, he will remember how that or another word was written and write right even without noticing it. Every child likes to speak and good books are like teachers for child to speak well and without mistakes. This is another reason to instill a child love of reading. Reading is not the only thing that helps people in self-developing. For example, there is a programming, which develops brains greatly. We have some hints about learning it at home:

3. Values and ability to evaluate some actions

Although sometimes it is hard to say which character in the novel is positive, in fairytales or stories for children, there are almost always negative and positive ones. So child in quite early age transmits books in life and knows that people can do also good and bad things. Child learns how to distinguish something good and ugly, or good and evil – things, which even modern education, can’t always teach him. By the way, modern education is immediate problem, which should be known by everybody.

To say in other words, books give child life lesson and definite important abilities. On the examples of fairytale’s characters child learns to evaluate definite actions and their results. The only thing you should do is to help him with it.

Of course, there may be some other reasons why child should read, but these are the most convincing. In fact, you can make child read but you will never make him love reading if he doesn’t want it. Of course, the best way is to achieve a stage when child loves reading, not when you make him to read.

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Now it’s time to single out different ways and lifehacks about how to help your child love reading:

1. Don’t force child to read

You can chose among huge variety of methods and lifehacks, but the only thing you shouldn’t do is you shouldn’t force child to read. Of course, he will read in this case, but just because you want it and because he knows that, you will punish him in other way. As a result, child will be afraid of reading later and will have a strong disgust to them. This is not the result each teacher of parent want to achieve, is it?

To sum up we can say that you should try to find any method, but don’t use punishment or some similar methods in order to make your child read. It may have serious consequences as bibliophobia - fear of reading books.

2. Show child an example

It may be difficult for small child to read many pages, so you can demonstrate him and example, because parents or teachers are always a good example for child. Read a book aloud so child can hear that you are also interested in reading. It is very important to read with effort and intonation, so the child could perceive information in appropriate way.

It stands to reason, that adults should read books often so child will see that they like to do it. Because if you want your child to read a book and watching TV while he is reading, it causes quite contradictory feelings and impressions and child may have some questions.

3. Choose a right book for start

The most important thing to start reading is to choose a book. So, the first book is extremely important for child. Try to find interesting one, because in another way, child will have an opinion that all books are dull and reading itself is not funny. However, it is just a stereotype and all people who like reading will agree with it. Look for the types and examples of stereotypes and base for their formation.

4. Give child appropriate books

Classic literature is great for many people; however, it may not be so wonderful for child. The biggest mistake of school literature lessons and of many parents is that they don’t mind this fact. Every child has own interests and literature is among them. Every child has different ways of perception the world so that’s why he has own tastes in music or art. So why all children should read the same books? It is quite weird and it is a pity that many people can’t understand it. If you want to understand definite subject, read more about online classes we provide, so you will know that our service is the best.

Imagine that you adore adventure novels of Jack London for example. You have got acquainted with it and since that time you are ready to read the entire novels of this author. But instead of it you must read some classic as “The Red and the Black”. Of course, it can cause strong disappointment. The same is with every child. It is very important to find out his interests.

Most children like imaginary worlds so fiction books will be a great choice. Try to offer him books of Ray Bradbury and later books of Stephen King. If your child likes history and different events, find good books about interesting and outstanding historical events. Finally, you can read a list of best books for small children and choose among them.

5. Show your interest in what child is reading

Sometimes adults can choose good book for child and think that it is enough. However, it’s not right. Children like to share their impressions and feelings about everything and book with its interesting and unknown world is not an exclusion. Ask child about what he has read and what can he say about that or another character and his actions. Discuss the book in general and child’s impressions about it. It will help child to develop his speaking abilities and he will learn to discuss things while you will understand if your choice of book for child was right or not.

It is important to make these conversations as something common. Don’t make tests or don’t turn reading into an exam. If you need help with exam, we can help you. Child should discuss book with pleasure, or instead he will just read them one by one without sharing his emotions and expression, which is not good.

To sum up it can be said, that reading is great and opens entirely new world for a child. It’s exactly parents and teachers who influence on child’s entry into this world. It may be great and bright, so child will always have a desire to read and wide his mind, find similar authors and books on the topic, or this entry can be painful and call a strong feeling of disgust, so child will never open a book after finishing the school. It’s like a road which is divided into two small pathways and you should help child to choose a right one.

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