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Experts Share Innovative, Safe & Easy 5 Best Ways to Cheat on a Test


How to Cheat and not Get Caught? Tested Ways

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Want to know easy & safe ways to cheat on a test?

The smartest ways to cheat on a test or exam - 5 tricks

It is well-known that the “hottest” times comes with the examination periods. There are so many tricks that students do to pass their exams and tests. Cheat sheets are ancient as the world: they say that the first cheat sheet was created in China in the fourteenth century. However, judging from the etymology of this word, it has been commonly used since the seventeenth century.

The cheat sheets have made their contribution to the modern pop culture - there is a museum of cheat sheets, and once there has been held an exhibition of the best examples of cheaters’ wit. Today’s scholars and students do not stop believing in wonders inventing more new and extraordinary cheat sheets.

In fact, if you use cheat sheets, it does not necessarily mean that you are a bad student. You can study excellently and have cheat sheets just to cover your back or to feel safer and more confident. Anyway, almost any student does not like the fact that he / she has to attend classes and do difficult assignments on them that do not have direct relation to the specialty. Such students think that there is no need to waste energy on these subjects and take the way of those who do not learn but take tests and exams successfully.

One of the easiest and safest way to do it is to turn to us and ask for professional assistance: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/online-college-classes-help-make-it-easy-as-22.

Now we are going to present you five witty ways of cheat sheets creation that can be used at a test or exam and that will not be noticed by your teachers. So here they are:

  1. “Smart” soda.
  2. Universal duct tape.
  3. Edible paper.
  4. Agent 007 pen.
  5. A second ear.

#1 “Smart” soda. According to the rules of the Ministry of Education (in most countries), during a test or exam the scholars are not allowed having foreign items on the desk, including food (that is why in the past many students used to eat a chocolate bar before an exam), and only little bottles with water are okay. However, this is absolutely enough to cheat - all you will need is a scanner, glue stick, and a bottle of your favorite soda. Carefully take off the label, scan it, remove information about drink composition and production data using any photo editor, and fill in the space with formulas, dates, definitions, and other information that is hard to remember. In order not to attract attention, use the same font as on the original label. Then, print this cheat sheet on glossy paper, and voila - “smart” soda is ready. By the way, if you prefer juice, there is another trick for you.

#2 Universal duct tape. The ways to use duct tape are so numerous and new ones constantly appear. Here is one more way to use it as a cheat paper. In order to transfer any text on duct tape, it is necessary to print it and tape duct tape on the paper with text. After that it is necessary to put the paper in hot water for a minute or two, and when paper gets wet and soaks it will be easy to remove it from duct tape, and the text will remain on it.

Such plastic wrap with necessary information can be taped on a bottle with water, color disposable cup, as well as on a pen, glasses, fingernail, whenever else you want!

Experts share surefire online exam cheating tricks

#3 Edible paper. It does not count if you are not caught. This is a universal truth, so for you it is more important not to leave the evidence rather than be unnoticed. In this case, use edible paper for cheat sheets. This concept was introduced in 2010 by the Vienna creative agency “Ogilvy & Mather” that printed mathematical formulas on a campaign flier.

Today you can buy so-called rice paper that is widely used in the confectionery industry. With the help of a specialized printer, different pictures are printed on this paper (wishes, photos, etc.) that are later used to decorate the cakes and other sweets. This technology is often used for weddings, so it will not be too hard to find a confectionery printer. It will be much harder to eat a cheat sheet quickly if someone notices you. By the way, rice paper is safe and has no taste, so do not worry.

#4 Agent 007 pen. Any self-respecting movie about spies has an ordinary sheet of paper with writings that mean nothing but if you direct light on it, there will appear secret data. Any cheater can become an agent 007 for a while using sympathetic stain, or invisible ink in other words, i.e. the ink that is visible only under special conditions (special light, temperature, etc.).

On the internet, there are many pens with invisible ink. They look like ordinary writing tools, but the other end there is a little ultra-violet LED that helps see invisible words. Such ultra-violet pens can be used on white and color art paper.

#5 A second ear. The use of phones and other gadgets at the tests and exams is strictly forbidden. However, as we know technology develops. Today there is no need to try to hide massive headphones, it is enough to buy hands free Bluetooth headset and find a helper who will tell you the right answers.

However, this is already an old-school variant. Now micro headphones are very popular. These are the wireless devices of the smallest size that are put right into the ear canal, so there is no need to try to hide them with hair, and a teacher will not notice anything. Such headphones are usually complete with a special pendant-transmitter that is put around the neck and hidden under the clothes. This way is the most high-tech, adventurous, and expensive. An average price for “spy” micro headphones is about $100, in the web stores.

Anyway, the best, the cheapest, and the safest cheat paper is its absence. Armed with knowledge and confidence in your strength, you will never fail a test or exam: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/online-courses-college-company-teaches-how-to-pass-exams.

Invaluable usefulness of cheat sheets

As we have already said, there are the students who study well and create cheat sheets, but at the same time they do not use them. They do not use them not because they count on their good luck. The point is that cheat sheets gather the most important information on a particular subject, and when you make them, you learn simultaneously and memorize necessary information. Also, it is easier to review several papers rather than many chapters of numerous books.

We strongly recommend everyone to prepare cheat sheets not to use them at a test or exam but to remember material better. Also, you can become a nerd, learn everything perfectly, and get the highest grades studying hard. However, there are easier ways, and our agency ready to assist you with any issue you have.

Maybe you have your own way to pass exams easily? Every student has a thing that helps him / her cope with various studying challenges. Anyway, there is one surefire way that always work - this is the assistance provided by our professionals. With our competent help all tests and exams will be a piece of cake.

Best ways to cheat in college - trust specialists

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