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For example, you can spend your free time to develop new skills. For school and college students, one of the most significant skills is to memorize information well and quickly. Is your memory good? If yes, let us congratulate you on this. If no, read our today’s post. You will definitely learn much helpful information.

How to memorize the information the first time? Tricks that will help achieve it

You have definitely faced such a situation: you read a chapter, close the book, and realize that you remember nothing. As if your brain went out to drink a cup of coffee while you were reading. So let’s try to find out what is going on. The specialists of our site have gathered the tricks, which can help you memorize information easier and quicker.

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Create the correct atmosphere for reading

If you want to fix the theory firmly, forget the tip “learn always and everywhere”. In case when you want to commit to memory the studying material the first time, it requires quiet surrounding and inner calmness. Nothing should disturb you. There is nothing else but you, the necessary materials, and your aspiration for knowledge. If you do not feel you have the desire to study, we can cover your back, while you are looking for the inspiration:

The most suitable time to read the difficult texts is morning. During night, the brain will clean itself, restore energy, and get ready to absorb difficult information. By the evening, your brain, as well as your body, will get tired and will not want to remember the read material at once.

Forget about your habit to chew and read simultaneously (in case you have such a harmful habit) because your brain gets distracted to digest food. Also, we believe you have already guessed that the worse place for reading is your bed. It is comfortable to lie on it with a book but you will not manage to tune yourself into the serious studying. It will be much more effective to read at the desk. Also, do not wear your pajamas because your body has another association with this cloth.

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Know how to read correctly and fast

You selected a text and prepared for reading. What is the right method to memorize everything read on the first attempt? Use the techniques of fast reading: they will allow you to increase the reading speed without losing the sense of the read materials. The more quickly you read the better information is memorized.

  • Do not get back to the text elements, which you have already read. If during the first reading something has been missed or not understood, do not try to reread these text parts. There will be enough time to review the read material again later. While you are reading, your eyes should move only forward.
  • Read silently. Do not read the texts aloud, and also, learn to read without articulation. Use only your eyesight and brain.
  • Learn so-called “diagonal reading”. You have probably noticed that the narrow columns of text can be read only with a vertical eye movement. Improving your visual skills, you can learn to see the whole text of a paragraph or page. You will learn to distinguish the main information without the necessity to read the whole text. On the internet, you will easily find the special exercises on fast reading, which will help you expand your line of sight.

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Visualize what you read

When we read any text, we unconsciously correlate it with our experience. As a consequence, the visual images and different associations appear in our mind. The task is to develop and memorize them because later they will help recreate the content of a read text.

  • Make up vivid associations. Maybe a history event matches with the date of your friend’s birth. Or maybe you have a funny occasion related to some notion of physics or biology. The associations that cause emotions help our memory work. Use this lifehack for your benefit.
  • Take notes. The schemes, tables, and drawings are must have for any pupil and student. If having read a paragraph you summarize it briefly in the written form, the chances that this information will disappear from your head will be greatly reduced.
  • Discuss and retell. Having discuss with your fellows the ways of adopting the Constitution, you will hardly manage to forget them fast. Or having retold your parents some interesting facts that you have just read in a history book, you will also memorize them better. In general, you have got the idea of how to act.

Train your memory and do not forget to repeat read information

Nothing can remember the things better than a well-trained memory. In order to pimp your memory, various online trainers that offer to solve different tasks to develop memory and attention can be used. An outstanding memory is a very useful skill that will come in handy when you study, work, and in general, in life.

When something has been forgotten, do not rush to open a book. Try to recall a forgotten fact without any additional help. According to the study of the scientists, in 6 days we remember only 20% of the read information. That is why without repetition it will not do. We advise you to get acquainted with the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve. It clearly presents the process of forgetting and will respond to the question of how often it is required to repeat something read to memorize it for a short or long time. Also, we want to share another curious fact: if you read with pleasure, memorization percentage gets higher!

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Exams are close: how to prepare in 3 days

Are you one of those who start preparing at the last moment? Do you always have something more important to do instead of reading your notes and necessary books? If yes, read carefully because we are going to tell how to get ready for the exam period in 3 days.

First of all, look at the list of questions and divide them into three groups: “I know it well”, “I know it more or less well”, and “I have no idea what it is”. It helps organize the preparation for an exam correctly. Also, it is necessary have all the notes and books necessary for a careful preparation.

Tips for the students who possess a good memory

If your memory is truly good and you can boast of the ability to memorize something on the first attempt, use this method. Divide all the materials, which you ought to learn for an exam, into three days. First, divide them into easy and difficult ones, and then, learn every day the equal number of difficult and easy questions. Applying such an approach, you will have enough time to cover all the necessary material and prepare for the exam well. Also, you need to have much patience to prepare really properly:

Tips for the students who are afraid of forgetting everything

Do you worry that your brain can fail you at the exam? If yes, read the whole material every day. The first day, refresh your knowledge using your notes. The second day, work with the required sources to deepen your knowledge. The third day, polish everything already learned. If it is difficult to memorize something, take notes.

Spend more time to review

We are aware of one more technique of the preparation for any exam. Divide the materials into two equal parts and study them during the first two days. Spend the third day to review everything studied previously.

Do not worry. Do not panic. Mind that it is vitally important to have a rest. If you organize your time correctly, everything is going to be okay. Remember: a person can be genius or possess all the necessary skills, but if he (or she) does not believe in him(her)self, he (she) will never be able to work in full. So always believe in yourself!

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Now you know what tricks will help you memorize information better and increase your memory capabilities, in general. However, do not forget that you will need some time to train the required skills. We can take your class on line and provide you with much free time. Our professional team deals not only with classes, but also with the tests, exams, and courses on-line. Our services are affordable and your order will be delivered as soon as you need it. Do not lose the chance to get your class done professionally for cheap.

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