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Wise thoughts that help prepare young generation for independent life

Literary every child must learn some vitally important skills before starting independent life. Otherwise, it will be hard to get used to it.

1) A teenager should be able to do house chores, cook, communicate with other people, solve conflicts, navigate oneself in the city, fill in the blanks, and so on. Read about conflict management here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/ways-and-methods-to-manage-school-conflicts.

A perfect strategy looks like this: first, you do something instead of a teen, then, you do it together, and after that, you watch him (her) doing it independently and eventually stop controlling him (her).

2) Games are the essential element of child's development. He (she) learns to explore the world and think creatively, in such a way. It is wrong to plan every minute of a child's day, to overload him (her) with different extra classes, educational courses, and deprive him (her) of free time, which can be spent playing with other children.

3) Without critical thinking it is hard to succeed in any field and completely impossible to create something brand new. If you want your child to grow up, teach him (her) to think and not to follow other people's instructions unquestioningly. For instance, you can ask your child to find 5 ways of the solution of a problem. Ask some questions about the surrounding world, discuss literature works and movies, analyze different minds, etc. If you are interested in personal growth matter, read this post: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/university-online-classes-solution-to-fast-personal-growth.

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4) A psychologically mature person is not afraid of being mistaken. Do not try to protect a child from any troubles. Do not make your offspring believe that he (she) is the cleverest and most talented human being ever. People with such a belief experience a very strong fear not to meet others’ expectations. In case of failure, they get disappointed and depressed, instead of drawing the correct conclusions and looking for the way out.

Let your child learn from his (her) own experience and cope with the problems independently. Praise for the efforts made, and then, he (she) will be able to treat the hardships calmly.

5) In order to let a teenager be happy and independent, do not impose on him (her) your thoughts about the future life, college and specialty. Let him (her) choose what he (she) likes even if you disagree with this decision. If a child has not determined his (her) position yet, you can help find his (her) strengths, unleash potential, and select a suitable future profession. Nowadays, there are many materials on the internet (books and articles) that can assist greatly. For instance, the book “What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20” written by Dr. Tina Seelig teaches to search for new ideas, experiment, solve problems, and treat life as a challenge.

A future businessman, as well as any other person, should know the basics of economics. Such knowledge will be especially useful for a teenager who will start living independently soon. The books that will help with this issue are more than enough and most of them are in free access.

Some more recommendations to notice

  • Another important skill, without which an adult almost cannot survive in the modern world, is the ability to manage one’s time correctly.

Even if you really want it, do not offer a teenager a ready schedule. Of course, it would be easier. However, it is much more useful to teach a child to create to-do lists, prioritize, and fight the disturbing factors on his (her) own. There are many helpful exercises on time management. You can start with the following:

“During the day you do multiple tasks that can be done in less than 4 minutes. Think for a while and write all these mini tasks down. Or calculate how much time you need to do different tasks. When we deal with the occupations we do not like, we often overestimate their scale and lay them aside. Fulfill each of the four-minute tasks at once, as soon as it appears. A task will be done fast, and you will have another reason to be proud of you”. By the way, you can also be proud if you get a good grade. You will always demonstrate an outstanding performance if our professional specialists support you.

  • It is also very important that a child could defend his (her) opinion and talk to other people equally. These are the qualities that many young people lack today.

Another pretty common situation that does not surprise anybody is when parents accompany their children in the process of college admission and, in a couple of years, the graduates go to their first job interviews with the parents, as well. Young people can cope with such simple tasks, cannot they? Why do they seek for protection and support of adults? The point is that modern young generation has not got used to act independently. Give them more freedom and they will gain inner force. There are many special exercises that can help develop it, and here is one of them:

“Ask a stranger which restaurant to choose. This exercise will help you talk to people you do not know confidently. Take a notebook and pen, select 3 strangers you like, let’s say on the street or railway station, and ask them to advise you a restaurant. Learn its name, address, and price level. Also, ask about the favorite dishes of your interlocutor. Write everything down and say thank you”.

Maybe you think that too many traps and disappointments in the real world are waiting for a child, and that is why you control every his (her) step. There is nothing to be afraid of. A few decades ago parents did not watch for their children that much. In fact, it is more dangerous not to prepare a teenager for independent life at all. If you want to bring up a confident, responsible, self-sufficient, and happy person, you will need to overcome your fears.

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