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Take these steps to have your brain healthy and memory brilliant

A famous neurologist has created a special program that helps preserve the efficiency of human brain. Let’s see what steps it includes.

1. Useful pleasures

Entertainment and pleasures are useful for brains. First, it helps relieve stress and reduce its negative impact on the body, in general. Second, exercises that require the development of new skills contribute to the creation of new neurons. It starts the process of brain rejuvenation. If you regularly have time to do something fun, you reduce the risks of suffering from dementia when you retire.

If you spend all your time on work and serious things, you deprive your brain from important and useful experience.

2. Healing reading

This is a scientific fact: the absence of interests and hobbies increases the risk of having diseases. Book reading, for example, not only brings pleasure and helps get distracted but also allows your brain to restore and accumulate energy. Reading also stimulates those brain areas that are not used in other ways.

The more you read, the smarter you are.

3. Overweight stops from thinking

Overweight leads to the problems with memory (and you want to have a brilliant memory, do not you?) and causes premature brain ageing. Obesity stimulates the increase in the number of free radicals and occurrence of inflammations that reduce the number of brain cells. In other words, if someone is overweight, it is much harder to think, learn, and work. There is offered a following solution - to change one’s diet.

4. Products for a sharp mind

Try to avoid as much as possible the products that are harmful for brain. Go to useful food at once: buy eggs, products rich in the vitamins B and E. When it is summer, eat more berries.

Scientists have proved that if an old rat is fed with berries, it does tricks as skillfully as a young rat. For example, blueberry and blackberry contain anthocyanins, which are strong antioxidants that help protect from free radicals small blood vessels and improve brain blood circulation. When the season of berries ends, you can eat frozen ones. It will not be difficult to find them in the stores. It would be even better if you freeze them by yourself.

Try to eat half a cup of berries two-three times a week. Do not forget about it. Also, it would be interesting to read about what to avoid, in addition: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/do-we-need-to-avoid-gluten-foods.

5. Brain workout

When there is no load, muscles get weak. The same happens to brain. If it becomes more difficult to memorize information, if you are less focused than you used to be previously, if your creative power is weaker than used to be - all this means that your brain cells need to “work out”.

Try the following exercise to improve your memory. Find a picture with animals. Memorize a group of animals that you see on a picture. Do not continue reading for now. Memorize them all well. Now without looking at the picture, write down the names of animals in alphabetical order. So how is it? Have you coped with it first time? If no, keep on “working out”.

6. Myth about sweets

Sweet food increases the level of sugar in blood that causes brain cell damage and provokes problems with memory. In this case, so-called natural kinds of sugar, brown sugar or honey, are not better than ordinary white sugar at all. So try to limit sugar consumption in any form as much as possible. Otherwise, you risk becoming a person who has a very sweet tooth and poor memory.

Reasons to read a book

Our brain possesses phenomenal capabilities, and you can use them maximally. All you need is to give the necessary means to your brain and maintain its operational capacity a bit. It is easy.

Scientists have proven that books stimulate brain activity. Researchers announced that they managed to prove the use of books. They have concluded that books can stimulate brain activity, however, not all books can do it but only those that a reader is interested in.

Scientists say that book reading can stimulate brain for stronger thinking activity. Researchers say that people should read up to 30 pages of an interesting book in order to have some changes in the work of brain. During the experiment the volunteers read the necessary number of pages and, after that, passed the procedure or MRI. It showed the changes in the work of brain.

All the volunteers who read and passed this examination demonstrated the effect. Scientists say that at the same time they noticed the changes in the brain area responsible for sensitivity to language. Besides, a slight activity was also mentioned in the central area, in which the sense of one’s body is formed.

The volunteers were tested twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. It turned out that reading contributes to the activity increase even at night. If you read before sleep, there is noticed an increased activity in the left area of brain. The effect is even stronger if you read a book with a captivating plot, adventures or even fiction.

According to scientists, it means that after reading there are formed neuron connections in the brain. Also, the scientists have officially admitted that books can cure people from depression. However, this is a different matter. If you are interested, read about why kids should be taught to love reading and how to achieve this: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/the-best-ways-to-instill-the-child-love-of-reading.

Scientists share how to improve one's ability to learn

Scientists carried out research that showed that learning of a language improves the flexibility of brain, as well as its ability to code information. So the more foreign languages a person learns, the better learning ability is.

Researchers conducted an experiment with 22 students participants. The participants listened to the words of a native and foreign language, either already known or absolutely unknown words. At the same time the scientists were studying an electric activity of the brain of the participants with the help of MRI.

In such a way, they had the opportunity to monitor the changes in brain activity and the speed, with which it regulates the activity directed on the processing of new words.

As the results showed, a higher brain activity was noticed at the volunteers who already knew foreign languages. The results of the experiment allowed concluding that neuron networks that code information about new words form faster if a person knows a lot of languages. It means that new information influences human physiology: the more knowledge there is, the higher brain flexibility is, i.e. the speed of forming of neuron networks. By the way, scientists have also discovered that successful learning of a foreign language depends on genetic factors and the structure of brain.

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Trust in oneself makes people successful

Scientists from different universities have cooperated and discovered that trust in oneself and one's goals makes people more successful.

About 44 thousand people participated in the study. They were divided into 12 categories. Each category had its own task with the collection of numbers. In general, everyone needed to collect numbers from 1 to 36 that were chaotically placed in a square table. Some participants were proposed just to deal with the system of getting random numbers.

During the study, scientists noticed that all the participants could have been divided into two more categories: those who motivated themselves, and those who just performed the set tasks. It turned out that the group with motivation did the task better.

Researchers say that a person at a subconscious level realizes that he / she will cope with it, as a result, he / she achieves it. Even those who were just saying the phrase "I can do better" got the desired result with time. In this relation, scientists recommend everyone to motivate oneself when doing any work.

If you need some time to get some self-confidence or start trusting in yourself or whatever else, we will provide you with it. The professionals of our company will take your exams, tests, and any other assignment and do them properly for you.

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