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Why home assignments are necessary?

Who and what for needs homework? Why is it assigned? These are the questions that all students ask. Also, many parents who help their children do homework have the same questions.

In fact, homework is a necessary part of an educational system. The skills of independent work, self-learning, self-discipline and organization of one’s time are developed when we do homework. Further studying in other educational institutions supposes that a student possesses these skills fully, and that is why a great share of the materials that students need to know they learn on their own.

This post is for everyone to understand what for homework is necessary. On the internet, you can find many posts that claim that homework is harmful, and there is almost no information about the goals achieved thanks to homework doing.

Homework of a student is the part of a continuous teaching process that secures some necessary functions when learning curriculum.

  1. Better memorization of learned material. A whole process of any class is based on the following scheme: acquaintance with new material, its learning during the class, and its memorization. Memorization, as a rule, is left for independent work. The next class begins with the check of learned material, i.e. with the check of done homework.
  2. With the help of home assignments, students get knowledge in a system. These assignments require establishment of casual relationship between the studied processes and phenomena. A student should be able to define the sequence of events, to classify data, to distinguish significant notions and regularities.
  3. With the help of homework, there is developed a skill of forming of generalizations. This is a hard work that implies firm mental skills of a student - comparison, synthesis, analysis.
  4. Homework forms the ability to apply knowledge in practice. Most often, such tasks are assigned after learning of a particular course of theoretical material.
  5. With the help of homework, the processes of getting knowledge, abilities development and skills mastering are controlled.
  6. Homework contributes to moral and patriotic education of students, especially at school. Usually these are specially formed assignments, with the help of which a teacher draws the attention of students to some moral aspects of work.

Depending on the function of homework, there are distinguished different types.

  1. A single assignment for a whole group of students - this is the most common type of homework. As a result of such work, students memorize better material learned at a class, practice new skills, and form certain abilities.
  2. Individual homework - it is assigned to some students. It allows checking the level of learning curriculum individually. As a rule, individual homework is assigned with the help of personal cards or notebooks.
  3. Group homework - students get a part of a general assignment. Such tasks are assigned in advance, thus, students have the opportunity to do homework maximum fully. Such work prepares students for work that will be presented at the next class.
  4. Differentiated homework - it implies that the assignments have the same content but might require different fulfillment, or the assignments have several options of solution, and any of the mentioned options can be selected.
  • It is strictly forbidden to assign the learning of a new topic, to inflate the amount of homework, to force students to work during the whole weekends, holidays and vacations, to assign tasks without explaining how to do them.
  • It is also forbidden to assign the tasks and exercises that you have never done previously, to assign too rich tasks, i.e. such assignments that increase the time of homework doing significantly (creation of tables, schemes, abstracts, essays). Such assignments are done on a voluntary basis and always assessed with a positive grade.
  • The teachers also cannot demand from their students to use some information sources, without explaining where these sources can be found.
  • A teacher must plan homework taking into account the loading of students with other subjects implied by curriculum.
  • It is necessary to always check homework doing. If a teacher ignores it, students lose motivation, their performance gets lower, in other words, a student loses interest in a subject.

Having read everything above, we hope that you will change your mind about homework doing. Now you understand why it is necessary and why it is important to do it regularly. Of course, there are cases when you lack time and need someone’s help. In this case, remember that Onlineclassmentor is your loyal helper. Learn more about our support:

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Homework importance

When it comes to homework doing, students can be divided in three groups: those who always do everything and can even ask for some additional assignments; those who look through the assignments but not always do them; those who almost never do homework.

Adult students often associate homework with their previous school assignments and think that they have already passed this stage (especially those who have finished school long ago). Unfortunately, at school, the teachers often do not pay enough attention to homework. The tasks assigned for home did not meet the needs of the students, they were not checked, they were of the same type and boring. That is why today students ask whether they need homework at all and what benefit it can bring. Let's figure it out.

Where do the teachers get home assignments? At a class, regardless of how much a teacher tries, it is impossible to present 100% of material. The reasons are several: limited time, the number of people in a group, and the amount of information that is necessary to present.

However, a teacher notices what exactly causes difficulties and what students need to study more. This is one of the factors that create homework. Besides, a teacher sometimes can give additional assignments to a student if he / she needs to pay more attention to a particular issue. So homework is an additional practice and the opportunity to work more on a topic to understand material better.

In addition, students often have questions when doing homework, and this is great. Since there is no teacher who can explain something, students have to look for the answers on their own. In such a way, they can find much additional material, articles, videos, ways to memorize a rule or train it, and so on. It means that the process of learning does not stop after a class - this is a never-ending process.

When we speak about homework, many students think about the chapters in the textbooks, a lot of tables and rules. However, it is not always like this. Today teachers motivate students to make the process of education interesting. Thus, new formats of teaching and learning appear.

For example, Stephen Darn in his article "The Role of Homework" notices that we live in the epoch of the internet, and we need to make use of it. Also, he recommends the websites Learn English and Learning English. There you can find various videos and audio, tasks and rules that correspond to a certain level. In addition, there are special platforms that can be used to learn English words, such as Kahoot, Quizlet, Memorise. They make homework doing interactive and fun for students. So there is no feeling that you just do some boring exercise.

Homework doing is a very useful thing. This is an additional practice that always brings fruit, and there are a lot of examples that prove it. For example, when a group starts a course, all the students have approximately the same level of let's say English. Then, every class, someone of the students moves on and someone stays at the same point. The results of the tests and exams show it. It is not difficult to predict that the students who do homework, allocate additional time for learning, and are not limited to attending classes only perform better.

So homework is an integral part of an educational process and logic continuation of classes. This is the opportunity to learn material better and work on the topics that require additional attention. Besides, homework can be interesting and interactive. The only thing required from the students is the desire to learn.

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