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Chemistry - 7 things that annoy

Chemistry is a record holder on knowledge that students cannot learn. Why so? Chemistry classes at school have always been treated as something not obligatory. However, chemistry is the class that can give you those unique abilities to understand the names written on the packaging of laundry detergent or makeup or to realize whether meat is harmful or not. Unfortunately, at school we are taught completely different things. What is wrong with a school chemistry course? Let’s see.

1. This is your knowledge and you.

You do not know chemistry at all. No, seriously. Most likely you can distinguish an adjective from an adverb. Maybe you still remember some mathematical formulas and other well-known rules. You remember the Newton’s laws and kinematics (you definitely remember it just have forgotten the word), the theory of evolution, pistils with stamens, and so on, and so forth. By the way, there are so many great scientists, except for Newton. So read about others here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/scientists-who-changed-the-universe.

Can you recollect something from chemistry? Probably this will be the formulas of salt, alcohol, and water, right? Of course, not everyone will manage to recollect even them. Chemistry is not difficult. However, you probably have already defined your future profession being 14-year old, have not you? That is why you decided that you do not need chemistry. Or you are going through pre-adolescence. Or maybe you are not lucky with the teacher of chemistry?

2. At school, students are taught a very little piece of a big pie - a great and multi-faceted science.

Inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry - that is it. Biochemistry is studied at the classes of biology, and there all would be lost: biochemistry is presented as a descriptive science, let alone the reaction of protein forming (there is just necessary to “lose” water). Not to mention ferments and other beautiful things in a human body. Do not you know what else can be there? We will tell you.

At a chemistry department, except for these two types of chemistry, there is also analytical chemistry (very exciting: criminology, search for doping, environmental samples - everything is here), physical chemistry (catalysts are all the kinds of oil refining, all your tights, biodegradable plastics, patrol), crystal chemistry (just about diamonds), colloid chemistry (nanoparticles, gels, aerosols, foam), chemistry of natural compounds (all the living), polymer chemistry (everything around us created by human hands, except for metals).

There is more, chemistry is not limited to the mentioned types. Of course, we do not mean that everything like this, i.e. university courses, should be learned at school. However, it would be nice to get an idea of how the world works.

3. Even this little slice of a pie got stale in the 20s-30s of the previous century.

Have you been told at chemistry classes who and what for was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry? Probably not. Maybe because it is usually for biochemistry or catalysis. Look at the title of the point #3 - we must admit that something exists outside the textbook.

One way or another, the world has changed greatly for the last 100 years, and chemistry played not the last but one of the first roles. That is why even when we learn quite simple reactions, it would be great to have the examples from life where they are applied. Believe us, they are applied everywhere.

4. Unnecessary things are taught at the classes of chemistry.

Even the most brilliant students who participate in the Olympiads have to learn the most banal ordinary names of the substances. They have to learn everything as it was named by the alchemists 300 years ago. Lunar caustic, potash, and something like this - they will forget about this at once when being enrolled in a college or university. Really, in the 21st century no one needs it.

5. Also, teachers treat students like they are stupid at the classes.

How else can you explain that, in order to solve a simple proportion problem (mathematics, the 5th grade), students are advised to use some empirical “cross rule” (it is a miracle, it works!). Instead of doing a system of linear equations with two unknown, they are offered to make some impossible conclusions. The first unknown is X, the second is Y, you know what to do next.

6. At the chemistry classes, they do not explain something useful in everyday life.

Why does laundry detergent wash? Why does the bleach disinfect but harm at the same time? Why do antibiotics kill bacteria? No, we do not know. If we would know at least something, such a term as “organic food” would not even exist. All food is organic, except for salt and soda (bicarbonate). You do not digest stones and do not eat acids and lye, everything the rest is the organic compounds. Even oil, gas, antibiotics, and wood (although you do not digest it as well) are organic. Please, memorize it.

7. It annoys that at the chemistry classes they do not try to get rid of hemophobia.

Hemophobia is an extreme fear of blood, by the way. We start believing that Greenpeace is a super organization that protects us from the evil chemists who produce the medicines with the side effects and plastics that destroy the environment. One the other hand, who do you think produce the medicines without side effects and biodegradable plastics? The same chemists, of course!

Chemistry is everywhere. It is around us and inside us, but not in our heads. However, you can also become one of the chosen ones who understand what is written on the packaging of laundry detergent or makeup and know whether meat is harmful or not. Now you see why chemistry is important.

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5 reasons to learn chemistry

150 years ago a great Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev made not just a discovery but revolution in science. A clear logic of the periodic table allowed systemizing all the known elements and predicting the discovery of new ones. It created the basis for development of a modern science about the substances, it became the basis for the study of the properties of material not only on the Earth but in the whole Universe. The periodic law of chemical elements started a new era for all natural sciences. Now we can confidently say that new discoveries will be made soon.

Students can also make discoveries. That is why they begin learning the basics of chemistry at school. The first question that many teachers ask at the chemistry classes is about why chemistry is necessary. The answers are different:

  • to know oneself and the world around;
  • to invent new kinds of fuel and to reach other planets;
  • to get new medicines and cure people from the most horrible diseases;
  • to stay young and beautiful;
  • to keep air and water clean on the planet;
  • to get good harvest;
  • to facilitate everyday life, to make it more convenient;
  • to invent new materials for equipment, machines, airplanes, ships, etc.;
  • to recycle the wastes...

It is great when school students combine chemistry with life. The task of the teachers is to present five main reasons for learning chemistry, which is the necessary condition of human existence in the environment.

Reason #1: energy. The substances that humanity creates today are often “borrowed” from nature. Thus, synthetic porphyrins are the natural nitrogen pigments that form non-protein part of the molecules of hemoglobin, chlorophyll, are the components of perovskite that turns the energy of sunlight into electric current. Such batteries are already available.

Reason #2: materials. Can you imagine that it is necessary to use 31 chemical element to produce a modern smartphone? The screen reacts to touch thanks to a transparent film made of the mixture of oxide of indium and tin. Copper is used in the micro schemes and printed circuits since it possesses a good electrical conductivity. Cobalt and lithium are required for the production of batteries and accumulators.

If you are interested in smartphones, we think that this post might interest you: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/iphone-vs-smartphone-extra-money-for-brand.

Reason #3: food-stuffs. Chemistry entered the food industry, and there appeared a new direction - so-called molecular gastronomy. The chemical reactions allow turning liver into sweets, an orange into spaghetti, balsamic vinegar into caviar. The recipes of molecular gastronomy are various, and in the process of cooking they use the ability of molecules to change their qualities and shape under the influence of reagents and different factors (for example, high or low temperatures).

Also, there is much talking about food supplements. Some scientists believe that by the end of the 21st century the diet of a human will consist of food supplements only. It sounds fantastic and a bit creepy, nevertheless, such products already exist. Today mankind cannot live without food supplements since they can secure 10% of the annual increase in foodstaff, without which the world’s population will be in the brink of starvation. The work of chemists is to make these supplements as much safe for human health as possible.

Reason #4: medicines and healthcare. The connection between chemistry and medicine interests the students of medical schools. Nowadays, scientists develop gene therapy. Gene therapy is the method of treatment of hereditary and acquired diseases by means of the insertion of therapeutic nucleic acids in the cells of a patient. A medical agent for gene therapy consists of an active substance (nucleic acid) and a system that secures its delivery to the target cell.

Nucleic acids contain a great amount of negatively charged groups and are not able to penetrate independently through biological membranes of a cell damaged by cancer. That is why the creation of effective non-virus system of transportation is a very urgent issue. The discoveries in the sphere of gene therapy will help cure a wide range of diseases.

Reason #5: ecology. The use of chemical substances has a dangerous influence on the environment. Recently there have appeared new types of water pollution: hormones, antibiotics, microplastics. How to clean water from these new types of pollution? Or maybe it would be better to reduce the use of antibiotics, hormones, since any kind of treatment of drinking water will require a lot of expenses? “Green chemistry” is focused on the development of technology that causes minimum damage to the environment and technology that uses renewable raw material. Chemistry does not permit failure, even little one.

We hope that these five reasons will not only convince you that chemistry is necessary but also will help you make a right decision and keep the planet safe for the next generations.

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