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School does not prepare us for an adult life

It is necessary for any person to work on oneself to get prepared for entering adult life. A school age is an important (or even obligatory) period in everyone’s life. This is the time when we should get some experience for our further way. However, when it goes about preparation for an adult life, it turns out that there are still a lot of things to learn, and these are the things that are not taught at school. Although they always try to add to the educational process system new tendencies, this is not enough. The big world is waiting and it will bring us many challenges. You need to get prepared for them. Many graduates, having opened an “adult life door”, experience difficulties even with the seemingly simplest matters and tasks, such as payment of bills.

Information of this kind may confuse greatly. You will probably ask: “So what to do if school does not give us anything?”. Keep on reading. There will be presented five categories that will help direct a pupil into a right way and prepare for multiple adult life challenges.

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School suppresses curiosity

The advantage of school is that it allows us to know about many things. However, those who have not found their talent yet often spend their school years purposely. The common problem related to the lessons is in their saturation. Sometimes, the material that the teachers try to teach the children can be used only at the university admission exams. It means that we get wide knowledge that cannot be applied in practice, and schoolchildren are literary suffocating in the flow of unnecessary information. As a matter of fact, a similar situation is continued at the university, in the cases when the students must learn not only the subjects related to their specialty, but also some general subjects.

In order to avoid the development based on a pattern, you should never cease mastering the skills and unleashing your potential and talent because these are the things that a schoolkid may do in the future. So unnecessary excessive school materials should not deprive you of this.

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Teaching methods

Today many schools try to make required changes to keep up with the times. However, only a not very big number of elite schools have already accepted revolutionary teaching methods. Unfortunately, these methods are not well-known to the general public due to a very simple and banal reason, which is high cost. Probably, it was not one of the correct history turns when someone decided that a good education should be costly.

At school, even at the most elite one, we get points (grades) for the fulfillment of various tasks. These are tests, research papers, presentations, etc. The pupils also get grades for their essays and other papers. Ask your teachers when was the last time they wrote an essay? Probably the answer will not be “just yesterday”. So why do we spend so much time learning how to write different types of papers correctly, if such a skill is almost useless in life? In order not to waste time on suchlike issues, we are ready to do all your assignments for you.

There is not so much time to learn something. We can do this during a short period of time but it is necessary to define the methods of teaching. Not all advanced schools are expensive. That is why the essence of actions is to consider all possible options and choose such an educational establishment that does not stick to the pattern methods. An establishment that pays the most attention to the practical part of education, creative tasks, and psychological training should be preferred.

Skillful hands

A lot of people, having finished education, should start living on their own, enjoying confidentiality and independence. However, there are several things, about which you have probably forgotten. Each of us at least once has faced the necessity of little repairs in the house. But what is the chance that you know how to handle the required tools? Have you ever held a screwdriver or something like this in your hands? That is why you should not confuse a banal lamp replacement with actually essential household chores. Already being at school, we need much practice that usual lessons do not provide.

Money system purpose

Another thing that you need to know for sure is how to manage your capital. There is a subject called “economics” but it does not teach suchlike things. Instead of learning how to plan family budget, we are taught different laws of supply and demand, draw some diagrams, etc. How can it help in everyday life? It cannot. That is why children should be taught financial issues so that they do not have problems in their adult life. For this purpose, children started to get a cyber education at school. They will definitely need it, in the future, and it should be taught as early as possible for the best result: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/why-cyber-education-should-be-taught-in-primary-school.

The lack of cooking skills

The last but not the least important reason for why school cannot prepare you for the real world is related to your home. You need to be able to feed yourself. However, many people when go to the kitchen turn into the clowns with the knife and pan in the hands. Cooking is not only fun but also a great way to relieve stress. There are lessons dedicated to cooking skills development. Unfortunately, not every school provides such lessons. Also, often only girls participate, while boys are not involved in the process. Not only girls need to be able to feed themselves and relieve stress in such a way, read related post that will benefit you greatly: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/top-quick-cooking-snacks-for-school-lunches.

Another final tip is to attend extracurricular classes. Naturally, every person should have an expanded knowledge base and try to learn about everything possible in life. So we should take our future in our hands and build it as we want. We have enough time for everything if we plan this very “everything” correctly.

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