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By the way, the experts of our online agency provide not only top-notch writing services, they also conduct their own studies, the results of which are presented in the numerous posts of our blog. Today we want to discuss such an urgent issue as the choice of profession. A lot of school and college students are concerned about it and look for any helpful advice and support. If you are one of them, keep on reading because this post is really worthy.

How to choose a profession?

Looking for the answer to one of the most important questions

The question “what to be?” belongs to the category of the complex questions, which are hard to answer confidently (especially when you are 14-16 years old). How to choose a profession and not to get disappointed in it? The team of Onlineclassmentor professionals will help you figure it out.

First of all, make sure that you have not made the typical mistakes when choosing a profession. We shall speak about them a bit later. If everything is okay with this, let’s look at the profession selection formula in more detail. It consists of three elements: I want + I can + it is needed. What is the point? Let’s see.

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“I want” is my desires

When choosing a profession, it is necessary to be based on your desires. Do not listen to others and look for your own motivation. Bear in mind that having selected the profession that you do not like, you risk becoming one of those people who suffer from their job, instead of getting pleasure. Is it hard to understand what you want? Then, answer two following questions: they will help you understand yourself better. The options you will eventually get should be no more than three.

The first question: with what or with whom would you want to work?

1) Human (children and adults, school and college students, clients and patients, customers and passengers, viewers and readers, and so on);

2) Information (texts, formulas, schemes, codes, drawings, foreign languages, programming languages); by the way, if British is not your mother tongue and you are interested in learning it, we have useful tips on how to learn languages easily.

3) Finances (money, shares, funds, credits);

4) Technology (mechanisms, tools, constructions, devices, machines);

5) Art (literature, music, theatre, movie, ballet, painting, etc.);

6) Animals (service, wild, domestic, commercial);

7) Plants (agricultural, wild, decorative);

8) Foods (meat, fish, dairy, confectionery and bakery products, canned food, fruits, vegetables);

9) Products (production of metal, fabric, fur, leather, wood, stone, medicine manufacturing);

10) Natural resources (lands, forests, mountains, reservoirs, fields).

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The second question: what kind of activity interests you?

1) Management (managing one’s activity);

2) Service (satisfaction of one’s needs);

3) Education (upbringing, teaching, personality forming; if this is your passion, we believe that you will like this post: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/top-unusual-teaching-methods);

4) Health (getting rid of diseases and their prevention);

5) Art (creation of original art works);

6) Production (producing goods);

7) Design (design of details and objects);

8) Research (scientific studying of something or someone);

9) Protection (guard against hostile actions).

When you answer these two questions, you can proceed to the most interesting part: to match the first answer with the second one and, based on what you get, try to find out the profession that suits you the best. Do not forget to use the vocabulary of professions, if necessary.

 “I can” is my abilities

The second stage of self-analysis is the search for what you can do well. Having discovered your strengths, do not forget to add your personal qualities to them: your temper, psychological type (extrovert or introvert) and so on. If needed, take into consideration that some professions require excellent health, and this fact can become decisive for some people. Both physical and mental health is important, you can read more about it here: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/why-every-school-must-have-247-mental-health-support. Is it difficult to understand what your strengths and abilities are? Try to look at you with the eyes of a person whom you know well. It is much easier to describe yourself from aside.

 “It’s needed” is the profession usefulness

The word “needed” implies the demand for the profession. It is hard to say if your profession will be still demanded when you graduate. However, if you get enough knowledge of a profession, study the tendencies, analyze the existing demand for your profession, read the specialists’ reviews about the future profession demand, you will manage to make a pretty accurate prognosis.

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Additionally, we want to share a useful lifehack with you. The psychologists advise to imagine the following situation. You need to buy a product in a store, but you do not know what exactly. There is more, you do not know how much it costs. Also, you are not aware of the range of goods. The only thing you know is that your life depends on this purchase. Such a situation causes worrying, doesn’t it? Now we shall explain what it all means.

A product is a profession. Its price is your abilities. The range of goods is the world of professions. Consequently, in order to choose a profession correctly, it is necessary to study the “range” of professions, evaluate your abilities, match them with the “price tag”, and select the most appropriate option. Do not forget about the demand, of course. We believe that you will cope with everything successfully.

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