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Mathematics is learned better for breakfast

Scientists have found out that students learn better exact sciences in the morning and humanities in the daytime.

One of the experts has been studying academic performance and schedules in the middle school for nine years. During the study she discovered that the results of exams could be improved if a studying schedule would be changed. They say that this is effective for schools from both points of view financial and educational. Classes of mathematics conducted in the morning have improved the results of tests up to 7%, and history classes in the middle of a day have improved performance up to 6%.

According to research in the field of psychology and neurology, in different time of a day human brain functions differently. It works more quickly in the morning and can focus on tasks better. Creative thinking starts working more actively in the middle of a day.

Scientists know the best time to learn educational material

American scientists studied the cognitive abilities of students depending on the time of a day. As a result, the specialists found out that classes should begin after 11 am.

There was published an article dedicated to this issue. It has turned out that the best time for young people to learn educational material comes in two hours after the usual beginning of classes.

Based on statistic data, some educational institutions in the UK have already changed the schedule, and now classes begin at 10 am. Thus, the students have time to wake up completely.

Scientists discovered the best time to learn mathematics

The scientists of the University of London found the best time to learn mathematics. The specialists suppose that the best option to solve mathematical problems is before the midday. On the other hand, the most suitable time to learn history is the second part of a day.

Such conclusions were drawn based on the statistics of school performance depending on when exactly students have classes. The grades for mathematics are higher when a class is conducted in the beginning of a day, and in case of history classes, this is the time after the midday.

The study of British researchers is based on the data collected during nine years. The specialists believe that their study can be useful for school and college schedule creation.

Factors that improve performance of students

The lack of iron in the body is connected with fatigue, low work efficiency and poor performance. A new study showed that the students with a sufficient level of iron and in a good physical shape had better performance, according to the "Science Daily".

Iron, for example, is contained in the vegetables with green leaves, nuts and beans. It performs important for the body functions, for example, it takes part in the transportation of oxygen in blood.

The scientists from two universities in the USA studied 105 female students in college. The scientists were interested in if there was any connection between an average grade of the students, the level of their physical shape, and the concentration of iron in the body. An average grade was 3.68.

It turned out that the students with a normal level of iron and in a good shape had a higher average grade compared with those who had a decreased iron level and worse physical shape. Difference in the average grades reached 0.34 point that was considered as a significant indicator.

A physical shape had a greater importance. Its influence on performance, in general, was bigger compared with the influence of the level of iron. The combination of these two factors had the greatest impact on studying. An article with the results of research was published in The Journal of Nutrition.

How to memorize once and for good: a scientific method of genius people

People who have a good memory and are able to memorize information quickly seem kind of magicians to us. If you want to be one of them, this post should help: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/how-to-grasp-new-information-in-few-minutes.

A lot of people learn some language for dozens of years but cannot achieve something better than a middle level. Others can study something very quickly. How do they do this?

Scientists have got interested in the studying of this issue. Do you know what? It turned out that there is a simple scheme that helps almost everyone become an owner of a brilliant memory.

  • Studying genius

Researchers say that the champions of mnemonic have a special way of thinking different from what other people have. Having gathered a group of mnemonic people, the researchers were surprised to discover that they all used almost the same technique to memorize information with just some differences.

  • Brain activity

MRI examination has also showed that people who can memorize something genius have a different from ordinary people brain structure. The differences were noticed only in the activity of brain, not in a real structure of brain.

The researchers had the goal to realize if a special brain activity could lead to serious cognitive changes of an individual and drew quite unexpected conclusions.

  • Locus

This technique is also called the palace of memory. The idea is that you imagine a very well-known space (it can be your apartment, it can be a single room or even the way from your office to home - any space you know). Then, you just need to create associations - "orientation" point is just what you need to memorize.

  • Scientific reasoning

This famous strategy was used hundreds of years ago. The scientists suppose that its success can be connected with the evolution of a human. We developed our brain to always remember the places to hunt that were safe and the places to avoid. Thus, when you connect the words of a foreign language with the physical features of a place, it is like you wake up the abilities that your brain has from the very beginning. Here you can find some more strategies of learning a foreign language: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/strategies-of-learning-foreign-language.

  • Check by practice

The group of researchers were working based on the system of locus for six weeks. People spent only 30 minutes per day to train and, in the end when they were tested, the results were as much high as the champions of mnemonic had. MRI examination of brain also showed that the brain activity of the beginners became significantly different - brain started to use another area to memorize.

  • What does it mean for you?

The experiment conducted by neurobiologists showed that most of existing modern systems of education were initially based on wrong grounds. That is why people suffer for many years trying to learn English and eventually do not cope with the task or cannot proceed much.

You really should try the presented technique of locus - the results will be significant even after the first two weeks of training.

Green tea can make you smarter

One of the effects that green tea has is that it activates thinking activity. This is the discovery made by Chinese scientists. They have told about how long it is necessary to drink green tea to feel its positive influence on brain. Researchers from China concluded that epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) contained in green tea could serve as a “cure” for memory worsening.

This element in green tea activates thinking activity, and a strong effect can be noticed already in several months. This is what the scientists claim. An earlier study conducted among older Japanese showed: people who used to drink more than 2 cups of green tea a day had 50% lower risks of memory and attention disorders compared with those who used to drink fewer than 2 cups.

In addition, it turned out that epigallocatechin gallate in green tea helps resists Alzheimer’s disease. The scientists notice that this component of tea is one of few elements that can penetrate in brain passing the blood-brain barrier - this is the physiologic barrier between blood vessels and central nervous system.

Chinese researchers, for their part, say that the habit to drink green tea is a very effective strategy when it goes about the problem of obesity reducing.

So while you take care of your health and improve your memory, we take your classes, tests, exams, and do your homework for you. You always perform excellently if using our professional assistance. We are happy to be your helper and supporter.

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