Language Of Twins Myth Or Reality?


Scientists have been always interested in how languages had been created and how people named different objects of the world. Everybody thought about this at least once in his life. It’s really a great scope of questions even for scientists. These questions are like: how people created different languages many years ago, what principles they used to choose a word for one or another object, finally how they negotiated that this word is for one object and that word is for another? Just Continue reading

Do You Know How Old Is Internet?


Our modern century is associated Century of huge amount of free information, time of great abilities and possibilities. And now let’s answer some questions. What do we usually do when want to communicate with someone, especially if he or she lives far from us or even in another country? You will probably answer, that we chat with him. And you will we totally right. Another question: what we do when want to watch videos or new film? We watch it using our computer. And it’s also the Continue reading

Top 10: The Most Popular Reality Shows


Nowadays people have a lot of opportunities to spend their free time. You are free to decide what to do: maybe like to compose and spend your free time trying yourself in it and want to write a book of your dreams. Maybe you just fond of doing some sport or can’t imagine your life without reading. But there is a thing that people of the modern world like to do and it’s watching TV shows and films. Nowadays people are interested in other people: what they do, how they behave, what Continue reading

Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Pancake Day


Spending the whole morning over a hot stove and trying to bake as many fluffy delicious pancakes for the family members can be hardly called just a call of duty. Pancake Day that is also known as Shrove Tuesday is not the usual day for Europeans and the pancakes that are made with love seem to be twice as more delicious on this holiday.          Just look in any kitchen on February Tuesday. We bet that the picture will be one and the same everywhere. Funny cracking Continue reading

Lucy The Australopithecus: 10 Curious Facts


People always wonder how their predecessors looked like. Are you interested in this question too? Does your mind preoccupied not only with trying to find more reasons why to buy new car now, or any other routine problems? Are you really burning with impatience to know what appearance the first humans had, what manner of walking was inherent to them, and how they communicated with each other? Although it is not too easy to imagine that millions of years ago a humanlike creature was hairy and ...Continue reading

Dreadful Consequences Of Every Black Friday


                    The crazy time a day after Thanksgiving, when the shopaholics simply lose their minds and sweep all the goods from the showcases into their baskets, spend all the money from their wallets to the last penny, and pull tons of unnecessary stuff home, is known as Black Friday. The time, when the bombastic discounts are proposed by retailers and it is possible to buy thousand and one item at a give-away price, stupefies millions Continue reading

Top 10 The Easiest And Hardest Languages To Learn


Starting new language learning is always a thrilling experience, which inspires and gives your imagination a new push. Capturing of a new language is one more advantage to your knowledge-box, which is a feather in your bonnet. You are in need of this, right? By becoming a pro in one more foreign language and culture, you will necessarily get more chances to stand out from the crowd.                    Do you have enough free time now to Continue reading

15 Important Steps To Write A Book Of Your Dreams


                   You will surprise nobody if you announce with all the solemnity, ‘I’ve decided to start a book…’ Becoming a well-recognized author of hundreds of good novels or, at least, creating of a couple of substantial books is one of the dreams, which is haunting every second living being. Why a perspective to become a writer seems to be so attractive to people is not the matter of today’s discussion. Continue reading

Disneyland: Everything Tourist Should Know About


Your tickets to California have already been booked and you are waiting for the day of your departure passionately. Yes, rather! Your emotions are absolutely understandable: to visit Los-Angeles Disneyland is such a great fun!                      This is not so important whether you are a first timer at Disneyland or you have a trip to this wonderful place yearly, it’s better to be armed with our useful tips. If you wonder why you Continue reading

Why Dysgraphia is More than Just a Disability


                       Dysgraphia is a scientific term used to define a special form of learning disability that is revealed in poor writing skills and is more common for little children. This disorder is expressed in bad handwriting, difficulties with word spelling as well as troubles with expressing oneself in the written form. This kind of disability can be of two forms: language and non-language. In fact, some people think that Continue reading