How To Find The Job Of Your Dream?


Job: this word is so short and simple but has so many associations which are absolutely different. Some people smile and tell that job is something they really like. Others just stay indifferent. Sometimes it’s even worse: people’s mood changes and they begin to cry or shout at you not to say this word in their presence. If you are not at work but study and upset because of some subjects ask us to do your class : we will do it with pleasure.People may have different job however, as ...Continue reading

US Election 2016: What To Expect


Sometimes something unpredictable happens in the world. This year it happened with the USA during election of the President. Of course this question is very doubtful and nobody can answer how it happened and is it good or bad however there are different thoughts and we are to look at different points of view. There were some great and outstanding presidents for USA: you may read facts about Bill Clinton, for example. But they all left in past and that’s why it is easy to see and analyze Continue reading

Chicago Cubs History Of Foundation


Sport is a very disputed thing and people all over the world fond of it. Of course, there is a great variety of sport and games so you can choose the best sport for you and go in for it. Some people say that if you are not professional you won’t achieve great success. However it is controversial question. Anyway it is not a problem if you want to be in a good shape and play different games as volleyball or baseball. Although people sometimes mix it with cricket these are two different Continue reading

9 Circles Of Dan Brown's Inferno


With development of technologies books become more and more rare. Unfortunately people choose movies instead of books. Jack London is the best novelist but can we say that his novels still as popular as they were in 1990s? It’s sad to admit but nowadays not many people even know about this writer and a huge number of others. World of technologies which many fiction writers described in their books appeared to be dangerous for books. However, there is always a response on something that Continue reading

Sneak Peek On Popular Mobile Apps


Only about ten years ago people used mobile phones only to call and sometimes to send messages. Who could expect at that time such great evolution of phones? Nowadays smartphone is a very multifunctional and very useful thing. We can listen to music, search the Internet, hang out in Facebook and other social networks, use it for sport to track pulse and time and finally you will never lost yourself in unknown city if you have smartphone, because there are many applications connected with Continue reading

American-Mexican Border: Main Problem Of USA?


Every country is independent. People cannot cross its boundary illegally. However in some cases they do. We can see problem of illegal immigration all around the world. What push people on such things? There are really a lot of different reasons and one of the main is economic disparity. We will talk about it later. USA is a country with powerful economy. It is among the first countries in the list concerning economic stability and profit. That’s why a lot of people want to live and Continue reading

Where To Go This Christmas: Top 10 Destinations


What can be better than the whole family gathered together? Christmas is awesome time, which you can spend with people you love: girlfriend, boyfriend parents or relatives. It is a day when fairytale comes to the earth. You may not believe in Santa Clause but spirit of this holiday will definitely come to everybody, to all parts of the world. Everybody choose how to celebrate Christmas for his liking. Some families just gather at home and have a great supper with many delicious dishes. Others Continue reading

WTA Or ATP: Difference Between Ranking System


Sportsmen are usually the example of strong body, mind and willpower. They work hard every day as they choose sport wisely and then work in this narrow direction. Although some people criticize sportsmen for doing nothing it’s not true. Sportsmen make incredible job every day and sport may be compared with art: it gives enjoyment and excitement as pieces of art do it. Of course tastes differ, but for somebody hockey may be the best art and sight. Sportsmen are people who overcome their Continue reading

The Global Gender Gap Report: Important Facts


All people should be equal. That is the principal and undoubted right every human has. Unfortunately even in conscious modern society this right sometimes is not taken into consideration. Racial segregation problem is an example of inequality which still remains in our world. There are also another problem which. However many people don’t notice. It is a problem which everybody of us meets every day but it is so usual that we don’t even think about it. This is gender inequality. Continue reading

Bill Clinton: Proud To Be A President


Every country has its face, person whom people trust. This is a president of the country. Of course every president has both supporters and opponents. Every president did something wrong, there is nobody who did only right things, so the question is in ratio of them. Many people stigmatize one president and say that his predecessor was great and glorious. No matter how ironically it is, as usual people want to get rid from current president, but when they get new head of government they Continue reading